Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mercury Opposite Uranus; Mercury Enters Libra

Mercury will be exactly opposite Uranus on Sunday, October 25. The planet of Information and The Media is interacting with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, creating an energy pattern for Unexpected News Reports. Another possibility is Uranus bringing Unexpected Realization to Mercury, the planet of the Intellect. Mercury is strong in its own sign Virgo, the sign of Details & Analysis. This energy pattern is in play already, and continues into early this week.
Mercury enters Libra on Thursday, October 29. Mercury does well in Libra, because Libra is one of the Air (Mental) signs, and Mercury is the planet of the Rational Intellect. Mercury is Communication; Libra is Balance and Harmony. Thus, this combination helps boost Reasonableness.
However, all is not well: Venus the ruler of Libra, is conjunct Mars, and will be together with Mars through November. Thus, while in Libra, the condition of Mercury's dispositor will weaken the ability of Mercury to express itself, and even cause some detrimental effects to Mercury.
The Triple Conjunction of Mars-Venus-Jupiter in Leo continues for another week. Venus is now conjunct Jupiter, and will go past Jupiter, and catch up with Mars this week. All three are close together at the end of the sign Leo.
(see previous post for details).


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