Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mars Conjunct Venus; Mars & Venus Enter Virgo

Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct as they changes signs on Monday, November 2nd. The two gender planets, together, create Passion, Excitement, and Argument. When planets are changing signs, they are weak and vulnerable. The simultaneous conjunction and changing of signs of two major planets indicates a strong potential for volatility and unstable conditions Sunday - Tuesday.
Venus is Debilitated in Virgo. The planet of Love and Acceptance, in the sign of Critical Analysis, is not a good fit. Venus significations of Harmony, Agreement, Pleasures, Guidance, Value, & Finance, are weakened while simultaneously being assaulted by Mars, the planet of Aggression & Combat. Therefore, Venus and its significations will suffer during the coming weeks.
The damage to Venus extends to Mercury. While Venus is in Virgo and Mercury is in Libra (see previous post), these two planets are in each other's signs, forming a Parivatana Yoga. This mutual relationship means that Venus's problems will also affect Mercury, planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Information, Consensus, etc. More details, watch this week's AstrologyNewsReport Youtube video.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mercury Opposite Uranus; Mercury Enters Libra

Mercury will be exactly opposite Uranus on Sunday, October 25. The planet of Information and The Media is interacting with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, creating an energy pattern for Unexpected News Reports. Another possibility is Uranus bringing Unexpected Realization to Mercury, the planet of the Intellect. Mercury is strong in its own sign Virgo, the sign of Details & Analysis. This energy pattern is in play already, and continues into early this week.
Mercury enters Libra on Thursday, October 29. Mercury does well in Libra, because Libra is one of the Air (Mental) signs, and Mercury is the planet of the Rational Intellect. Mercury is Communication; Libra is Balance and Harmony. Thus, this combination helps boost Reasonableness.
However, all is not well: Venus the ruler of Libra, is conjunct Mars, and will be together with Mars through November. Thus, while in Libra, the condition of Mercury's dispositor will weaken the ability of Mercury to express itself, and even cause some detrimental effects to Mercury.
The Triple Conjunction of Mars-Venus-Jupiter in Leo continues for another week. Venus is now conjunct Jupiter, and will go past Jupiter, and catch up with Mars this week. All three are close together at the end of the sign Leo.
(see previous post for details).

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Triple Conjunction of Venus, Mars, & Jupiter

No new planetary positions this week.
Venus will catch up to Mars & Jupiter at the end of this week. Venus has been advancing in Leo since it entered the sign at the end of September. The three planets will be within a couple of degrees of each other by next weekend.
Venus is Pleasures; Jupiter is Increase. Together they produce Too Much of Everything, especially Indulgence. Mars is Aggression. Mars gets encouragement from optimistic Jupiter. Venus + Mars = Passion.
Overall, there is a lot of Energy to Do Something. Therefore, best to have some worthwhile project to put the energy to good use. Otherwise, there will just be a high level of Volatility, looking for an outlet. On Friday & Saturday, October 23 -24, the Moon will be in Aquarius, directly opposite the triple conjunction, adding in more energy for events.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Moon in Virgo, Mars conjunct Jupiter

The New Moon will be on Monday, October 12th, @ 25 deg. Virgo. This New Moon begins the Hindu lunar month of Asvina, named for the nakshatra Ashvini, in which the Full Moon falls, on October 27th. Ashvini is considered Auspicious; its a good sign for Starting Things.
And for once, neither the New Moon, nor the Full Moon, is blemished by negative influences. So we have, finally, a good lunar month for Activities, Projects, Travel, etc.
Mars and Jupiter will be exactly conjunct on Saturday, October 17th, @ 20 deg Leo. Mars is the Action planet, and exhibits an Aggressive energy. Jupiter is the planet of Beliefs, as well as Optimism & Confidence. Leo is the sign of Leaders & Government. 
This conjunction is already functioning, encouraging leaders to take risks, such as President Putin's actions in Syria. Also: note that the energy will be readily available for the upcoming Democrat Candidate debate scheduled for Tuesday.


Saturday, October 03, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Ends, Mercury Conjunct Rahu

Mercury will end its Retrograde period on Wednesday, October 9th. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Data & Information, Business Transactions, The Media, etc., will return to normal forward motion in the zodiac. It takes several days for Mercury to "get back up to speed," so the effects of the retrograde phase may linger for another week.
Mercury is Conjunct Rahu this week. Rahu is one of the nodes, an eclipse point, and therefore can "obscure" the energy of whatever it contacts, in this case Mercury. The effect of Rahu is to Distort the significations of Mercury. Since Mercury is already distorted by being Retrograde, this additional influence doesn't help in the Rational Thinking department. Rahu also has a quality of Obsession, & Urgency. All this is going on in Virgo, the sign known for being preoccupied with Details and Perfection. Therefore, careful of Obsessed Thinking, Letting Details Obscure the Big Picture, and of course The Media will be Out of Control.