Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Moon, Mars enters Leo, Mercury goes Retrograde

The New Moon will be on Sunday, September 13 (after midnight on Saturday) @ 26 deg Leo. The Moon will be accompanied by Jupiter, lending some positive energy to the coming 4 weeks. But, since the Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse (on Sept 28), the energy of the month is compromised. Therefore, projects begun this month will not be so successful.
Mars Enters Leo on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The planet of Action and Aggression will leave Cancer, its sign of debilitation, and enter a sign which is much more favorable for it. Also: Mars will join up with Jupiter, already transiting in Leo since July. Jupiter is Optimism, Opportunity, and  Confidence; Mars is Action and Effort. Leo is the sign of Kings & Leaders. Therefore, Leaders and Governments will be impelled to Take Action. The downside is Too Much Optimism, leading to Risky Behavior. Mars will be in Leo for six weeks, until the beginning of November.
Mercury begins a Retrograde Phase on Thursday, Sept. 17. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Everyday Operations, etc., will appear to go "backwards" in the zodiac for the next three weeks. This Mercury Retrograde period is not as bad as some, because Mercury is in its own sign Virgo. Still, the usual precautions should be observed: Expect Delays, especially in Communications. Check to make sure the Message got through. Check to make sure what was Said was what got Heard. Expect people to be Less Rational. Equipment Failure is more likely. Daily Operations encounter problems.
Mercury Retrograde periods are good for "Going Back Over" things: Editing the report, Dealing with Past Business, Paying Bills, Replying to Past Correspondence, "Getting Back in Touch." Mercury will be Retrograde until October 9.


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