Saturday, September 26, 2015

Venus Enters Leo, Joins Mars & Jupiter

Venus enters Leo on Wednesday, September 30th. The planet of Love is not comfortable in the sign of Royalty. Love implies self-sacrifice; Leo is egocentric. Venus in Leo is all about Self-love (Prime example to watch: Donald Trump is Leo Rising).
Venus will join up with Mars and Jupiter, already transiting in this sign. Venus + Mars = Passion; Venus + Jupiter = Excess. Three planets together in one sector of the zodiac creates an imbalance of energy. Leo is the sign of Leaders & Governments, who will be overstimulated in the coming weeks. Venus will be in Leo for all of October, until November 2nd.
Mercury Retrograde continues all this week. As Mercury "backs up" in Virgo, it is getting closer to Rahu. Being an eclipse point, Rahu obscures and causes more distortion to the already disadvantaged planet of Rational Thinking. Therefore, this is not a good week for making important decisions.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mars Square Saturn Fall Equinox

Mars, now in Leo, will be exactly Square to Saturn in Scorpio, on Friday, September 25. Mars, the planet of Action and Fast Results, puts out a full force aspect to the 4th sign ahead of itself. Saturn, the planet of Restriction and Delay, puts out a full force aspect to the 10th sign ahead of itself. Thus, these two natural malefics with contradictory energies are powerfully influencing each other this week (and next). This is a pattern for Tension and Crisis. Therefore, best to be careful.
The Fall Equinox is on Wednesday, September 23. The Sun reaches the midpoint in its apparent journey from North to South (as seen from the Northern Hemisphere). The Sun is crossing over the "Celestial Equator." The portions of Day and Night are equal. In Vedic Astrology, this is considered a transition period. Therefore, the day of, and immediately before and after the Equinox, are considered Weakened; not recommended for starting important new endeavors.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Moon, Mars enters Leo, Mercury goes Retrograde

The New Moon will be on Sunday, September 13 (after midnight on Saturday) @ 26 deg Leo. The Moon will be accompanied by Jupiter, lending some positive energy to the coming 4 weeks. But, since the Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse (on Sept 28), the energy of the month is compromised. Therefore, projects begun this month will not be so successful.
Mars Enters Leo on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The planet of Action and Aggression will leave Cancer, its sign of debilitation, and enter a sign which is much more favorable for it. Also: Mars will join up with Jupiter, already transiting in Leo since July. Jupiter is Optimism, Opportunity, and  Confidence; Mars is Action and Effort. Leo is the sign of Kings & Leaders. Therefore, Leaders and Governments will be impelled to Take Action. The downside is Too Much Optimism, leading to Risky Behavior. Mars will be in Leo for six weeks, until the beginning of November.
Mercury begins a Retrograde Phase on Thursday, Sept. 17. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Everyday Operations, etc., will appear to go "backwards" in the zodiac for the next three weeks. This Mercury Retrograde period is not as bad as some, because Mercury is in its own sign Virgo. Still, the usual precautions should be observed: Expect Delays, especially in Communications. Check to make sure the Message got through. Check to make sure what was Said was what got Heard. Expect people to be Less Rational. Equipment Failure is more likely. Daily Operations encounter problems.
Mercury Retrograde periods are good for "Going Back Over" things: Editing the report, Dealing with Past Business, Paying Bills, Replying to Past Correspondence, "Getting Back in Touch." Mercury will be Retrograde until October 9.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Venus Ends Retrograde, Jupiter no longer Combust

Venus ends its retrograde phase on Sunday, September 6th. The planet of Romance, Agreement, Guidance, and Finance, returns to normal direct motion in the zodiac. But Mars is still conjunct with Venus: Venus is at 20 deg. Cancer, Mars @ 24 deg on Sept 6. Mars plus Venus puts the two gender planets together, giving Passion, Excitement, but also Irritation and Argument. Mars overwhelms Venus. Also, Mars is considered debilitated in Cancer, making its effects more malefic. Therefore, Venus significations are still distorted, until Mars moves away. Mars will change signs on Sept. 15, leaving Venus behind in Cancer.
Jupiter comes out of combustion on September 6th. Once Jupiter is more than 8 degrees away from the Sun we can see it again, before sunrise on the Eastern horizon. The material significations of Jupiter, such as Prosperity, will improve over the coming weeks. Jupiter is the planet of Optimism, Opportunity, & Wisdom, in Leo, the sign of Leaders and Governments.  Jupiter will remain in Leo until August 2016.