Sunday, August 30, 2015

Venus Conjunct Mars

Venus is still Retrograde, and now in Cancer. Mars has been advancing in Cancer since the end of July. The two planets will cross each other at the end of the month; the exact conjunction will be August 31, @ 20 deg Cancer.
Venus significations of Love, Relationship, Agreement, Harmony, Guidance, and Finance, have already been compromised by the retrograde condition of the planet. The addition of Mars, the Attack Planet, makes Venus and its significations suffer further. Therefore this week is Not Favorable for Agreements, Making important Purchases, Using a Lawyer, or Financial Arrangements. The Financial Markets will continue to be Unstable.
Venus will come out of Retrograde on September 6th. Mars will gradually pull away from Venus, finally leaving Cancer on September 15th. After next week, Venus significations will gradually improve.
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