Saturday, August 08, 2015

Retrograde Venus enters Cancer

On Thursday, August 13, Venus "backs into" Cancer. Venus has been retrograde since July 25th in Leo. The rest of Venus's retrograde period will be spent in Cancer. Venus continues to be retrograde until Sept. 6.
Venus will be Gandant and Combust. The borderline between a Water sign (Cancer) and a Fire sign (Leo) is a particularly bad spot in the zodiac, called Gandant. Planets in this position are weakened and vulnerable. Venus, moving in reverse, slowly moves through this "pothole" in the zodiac starting on Tuesday. Also, Venus will be conjunct the Sun, i.e., Combust: we won't be able to see it. The planet Venus will be "burnt up" by the Sun for a couple of weeks. Venus will disappear from view in the West as the "evening star" and re-emerge in the East as the "morning star" after August 20th.
Thus, Venus will be totally hammered this week, and its significations will suffer. It is therefore a bad week for Negotiations or Agreements, Bad for Lawyers (Venus =Guidance), Bad for Making Purchases (Venus =Value), and Bad for Financial Markets.


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