Saturday, July 04, 2015

Venus Enters Leo, Mercury Enters Gemini

Two planets change signs on Saturday, July 4th -Sunday July 5th, within hours of each other.
Venus is first, leaving Cancer, and entering Leo. Although Venus is not totally happy in Leo (the Sun, ruler of Venus, is an enemy to Venus), at least Leo is more stable than Cancer, and therefore the Venus principles of Harmony, Agreement, etc., are improved, especially regarding Leaders & Governments, since Leo is the sign of leadership. Venus is moving much more slowly than normal at this time, because it is about to go Retrograde, on July 25th. Therefore Venus will only get several degrees into Leo, before it reverses direction, and slowly backs up, to return to Cancer in mid-August.
Mercury leaves Taurus, entering Gemini, late Saturday night /early Sunday morning (depends on your time zone). Mercury likes being in its own sign, which energizes the Mercury significations of Ideas & Reasons, Data & Information, the Media, etc. But, Mercury will now join up with its enemy, Mars, which has been transiting in Gemini since mid-June.
Mercury planet of Communication & Rational Thinking, combined with Mars, planet of Aggression & Combat, encourages Rash Speech, Distorted Ideas, Arguments, etc. In other words, this transit of Mercury in Gemini will be fraught with problems. Mercury remains in Gemini until July 20th, when it will move into Cancer.


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