Saturday, June 20, 2015

No Changes in the Zodiac for this Week

The planets are in the same signs as last week. 
Venus and Jupiter are getting closer together in Cancer. These two planets are clearly visible on the Western horizon after sunset. Venus is the larger, brighter one; Jupiter appears smaller, and more yellow. Venus together with Jupiter can be too much of a good thing, leading to Excess. This is also the planet of Value plus the planet of Expansion, which can lead to inflated costs. It's also the planet of Love plus the planet of Wisdom, leading to Forgiveness (#CharlestonShooting).
Mars is still in Gemini, until the end of July. The planet of Aggression in the sign of Ideas and Reasons, leading to Controversy.
Mercury remains in Taurus, opposed by Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury is the planet of Data & Information, in the sign of Material Worth, leading to various calculations about the worth of policies and decisions. Saturn, the planet of Harsh Reality, is putting the brakes on Mercury.


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