Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jupiter conjunct Venus, Full Moon in Sagittarius

On Tuesday, June 30, Jupiter and Venus will be exactly conjunct @ 27 deg Cancer. You can spot the two planets on the Western horizon just after Sunset. Venus is the brighter of the two. Both Jupiter and Venus are considered "natural benefics," but when the two are together, as they have been for the past few weeks, there tends to be Excess, or even Extreme, events. Jupiter is the planet of Wisdom; Venus is the planet of Guidance.
The US Supreme Court has been handing down important decisions all last week. One example: Jupiter as the planet of Laws, and of Increase. Venus is the planet of Love & Marriage. The Supremes have Expanded the meaning of Marriage by making same sex marriage the law for the whole country. Jupiter and Venus will continue to be in close proximity for the next several weeks.
The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, July 1, @ 15 deg Sagittarius. This marks the culmination of the energy of the Hindu lunar month of Ashada. The Full Moon will be in the lunar sign Purva Ashada, noted for Drastic Actions. Nearly opposite to the Moon will be Mars, the planet of Action and Combat. Therefore, this Full Moon will be full of Energy, and may even bring more drastic actions and violence with it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

No Changes in the Zodiac for this Week

The planets are in the same signs as last week. 
Venus and Jupiter are getting closer together in Cancer. These two planets are clearly visible on the Western horizon after sunset. Venus is the larger, brighter one; Jupiter appears smaller, and more yellow. Venus together with Jupiter can be too much of a good thing, leading to Excess. This is also the planet of Value plus the planet of Expansion, which can lead to inflated costs. It's also the planet of Love plus the planet of Wisdom, leading to Forgiveness (#CharlestonShooting).
Mars is still in Gemini, until the end of July. The planet of Aggression in the sign of Ideas and Reasons, leading to Controversy.
Mercury remains in Taurus, opposed by Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury is the planet of Data & Information, in the sign of Material Worth, leading to various calculations about the worth of policies and decisions. Saturn, the planet of Harsh Reality, is putting the brakes on Mercury.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mars in Gemini, New Moon in Gemini

Mars changes signs, entering Gemini on Monday, June 15. It's the planet of Action, Aggression, and Combat, in the intellectual sign of Ideas and Explanations, which is not a good fit. This energy pattern produces Restless or Agitated Thinking, Fast Responses, Aggressive Speech,  and potential for Mistakes. Mars will be in Gemini for 6 weeks, until the end of July.
The New Moon is on Tuesday, June 16, @ 1 deg. Gemini. This New Moon will be nearly exactly conjunct Mars. Thus, the lunar month will be flavored with the energy of the planet of Combat. Therefore, expect Fast-moving events, Excitement, and due to the mental nature of the sign, a lot of Argument, during the coming weeks. It's the Hindu Lunar month of Ashada, known for Aggressive, Drastic Actions, which will be further encouraged by the Mars energy.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Ends, Mars Combust

On Thursday, June 11, Mercury ends its retrograde phase, @ 10 deg Taurus. It takes several days for the planet to resume normal forward speed in the zodiac, so the effects of Retrograde Mercury can still linger for another week. Therefore, continue to be ready for delays and mistakes in communications, etc. Also, Mercury is now within 4 degrees of direct opposition with Retrograde Saturn, which can also slow things down and complicate matters. Mercury will remain in Taurus until July 5.
Mars is now within a couple of degrees of the Sun. When a planet is so close to the Sun we can't see it, it is "combust" and its significations are "burnt up." This can harm some of what Mars represents, such as cooperation for the sake of pursuing a common goal. Another effect of combustion is that the planet's energies are combined with the energy of the Sun. Both Mars and the Sun have a fiery, forceful quality. Thus, there is a lot of Forceful, Uncompromising energy, which is now in Taurus, and will move into Gemini when Mars and the Sun simultaneously change signs on June 15. The Sun begins to pull away from Mars at the end of June.