Saturday, May 23, 2015

Retrograde Mercury Conjunct Mars, Venus Enters Cancer

Mars will be exactly conjunct Retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, May 27, @ 16 deg Taurus. Already behaving badly due to being in its retrograde phase, the planet of Speech & Communications combines this week with the planet of Combat, in the sign of Material Values. This planetary combination is prone to fiery pronouncements, denunciations, challenges, arguments, etc. Mercury the planet of Reason, "backwards," indicates being Unreasonable. Thus, Irrational Thinking, powered up by the force of Mars, means disagreements will swiftly escalate. Best to stick with people you already agree with.
Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on Saturday, May 30. The planet of Love, Harmony, Agreements, Pleasures, Finance, Guidance, etc., will be in the sign of Nurturing, Emotional Support, Sentiments, etc. for the next 5 weeks.  While in Cancer, Venus joins up with Jupiter, the planet of Increase, Optimism, Faith, Wisdom, and general Beneficence. Thus both of the main benefic planets will be in one sector of the zodiac, creating an imbalance. Venus -Jupiter combinations can be "too much of a good thing," indicating Excess: Celebration, Indulgence, Over-confidence, etc. Continues until July 4th.


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