Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mercury Begins Retrograde, New Moon in Taurus

On Monday, May 18, Mercury goes Retrograde, @ 19 deg Taurus. The planet of Rational Thinking and Communications, going "backwards" in the zodiac, is famous for producing annoyances like Delays in Communications, Misunderstandings, Equipment Malfunctions, etc. This is bad enough, but when Mercury is retrograde and simultaneously under stress from other factors, the annoyances can become dangerous. Such is the case this time: Mercury is conjunct its enemy, Mars. The planet of Aggression, Conflict, and Impatience, combined with a poorly functioning Mercury, makes this Mercury Retrograde period especially problematic. Misunderstandings and Mistakes will be compounded by combative Mars, leading to Anger, Accidents, and Willful Destruction. Therefore the next three weeks will be difficult for everyone. Best defense is to stay aware, and exercise Patience. Mercury ends its retrograde phase, and returns to normal motion in the zodiac, on June 11th.
The New Moon will be Sunday, May 17, @ 2 deg Taurus. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month of Jyeshtha, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on June 2nd. The month of Jyeshtha is considered good for Dealing with Officials, Taking on Responsibility, Giving Assistance to Elders, Dispensing Discipline. But this lunar month will be tainted by the Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars combination, and therefore is not recommended for beginning anything of importance. Furthermore, ongoing projects will likely run into problems and delays. Therefore the recommendation is to stick with familiar routine activities, and be prepared for things to go wrong.


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