Saturday, April 11, 2015

Venus opposite Saturn, Mars Square Jupiter

Venus will be exactly Opposite Saturn on Wednesday, April 15. Planets in opposition to each other are considered to be in Mutual Aspect, i.e. influencing each other. The planet of Love & Romance being influenced by the planet of Harsh Reality can put the brakes on a budding affair. Example: USA and Cuba. But, Venus as a Natural Benefic, has a positive effect on Saturn the planet of The Established Order. Therefore, the Establishment wins, this week.
Mars will be exactly Square Jupiter on Friday, April 17. The planet of Action and Combat is set up for an inimical relationship with the planet of Beliefs and Wisdom. This is not a good combination for wisdom and truth. Example: Events in the Middle East.
Mercury is getting closer to Mars. Mercury entered Aries today, Saturday April 12, joining with Mars already transiting here. The planet of Rational Thinking with the planet of Combat is not a good combination for reasonableness. The planet of Speech & Writing combined with the planet of Haste & Impulse will surely produce some major gaffs. As the week progresses, the situation gets worse. The exact conjunction will be April 22.


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