Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mercury Enters Taurus, Venus Enters Gemini

Mercury enters Taurus on Monday, April 27. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons, and Decisions in the materialistic Earth sign of Worth & Value is not a bad thing. By changing signs, Mercury breaks away from the influence of Mars, which is good for Mercury. Mercury will be spending an extra-long time in Taurus, because it will go through a retrograde period starting May 18. Mercury will be in Taurus for nearly three months, until July 20.
Venus enters Gemini on Saturday, May 2. The planet of Creativity, the Arts, Relationship, and Social Interaction in the Dualistic sign of Ideas & Information is good for Social Engagements, Communication, etc. But for Romance, Gemini is a flirt, and not dependable.
Venus will be in Gemini for nearly the entire month of May.
Mercury and Venus form a Parivatana Yoga: Mercury is in Venus's sign Taurus, while Venus is in Mercury's sign Gemini. By being in each other's signs, the two planets are in a compelling relationship. Since they are "friends"  in Vedic Astrology, this is good. The problem comes when Mars enters Taurus, starting May 3, which will create all sorts of Upset, especially when Mercury goes through its retrograde phase starting May 18.


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