Saturday, February 21, 2015

Venus Conjunct Mars, Venus Conjunct Ketu

Now that Venus is in Pisces, the planet of Love, Peace & Agreement has to deal with 3 natural malefic planets, one after the other. The faster-moving Venus will encounter first Mars, then Ketu, then Uranus.
Venus is conjunct Mars, exact today, Feb 21, @ 7 deg Pisces. The planet of Peace + the planet of Conflict, in the sign of Sympathy. Or: planet of Agreement plus planet of Action, in the sign of Faith. Venus + Mars is the two gender planets sharing the same degree, which leads to Passion, Intensity, and Argument.
Venus next encounters Ketu: The exact conjunction will be Saturday, Feb 28, @ 16 deg Pisces. The planet of Value combines with the significator of Dissolution; could be bad news for the Financial Markets. Or: planet of Relationship combines with significator of Past Karma means Pay-back time. Either way, Venus will be prone to suffer this week, due to being sandwiched between two malefics.
On Wednesday, March 4, Venus is conjunct Uranus, @ 20 deg Pisces. The planet of Love plus the planet of Sudden Events, in a sign known for Romance, creates conditions for Infatuation. Or: planet of Peace, combined with planet of Rebels, in the sign of Beliefs. Maybe something good will come out of this after all. Venus finally leaves Pisces on March 12.


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