Saturday, February 07, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Ends, Mars Enters Pisces

Mercury will end its retrograde phase on Wednesday, February 11. After being "backwards" for the past three weeks, the planet of Communication, Rational Thinking, Data & Information, returns to normal forward motion in the zodiac. Mercury "turns around" @ 7 deg Capricorn. Due to it taking a week or so to "get back up to speed," the effects of the retrograde period will linger for a while. Mercury will still be in Capricorn for another 4 weeks, until March 8.
Mars enters Pisces on Thursday, February 12. The planet of Action enters the sign of Compassion, which might be a good thing, except that Mars will join up with Uranus, planet of Rebellion & Sudden Unexpected Events, and Ketu, significator of Past Karma & Change. All three are Fiery planets; this combination is quite incendiary and has high potential for Disruption and Destruction. The energy pattern becomes more intense in March, when the three will be closely conjunct. Mars will be in Pisces until March 23.


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