Saturday, December 27, 2014

Venus & Mercury Enter Capricorn, Mars Opposite Jupiter

On Monday, December 29, Venus changes signs, entering Capricorn. The planet of Agreement leaves self-righteous Sagittarius, and enters the sign of Practical Results, where it will be until January 22. Venus will be receiving the special 3rd sign aspect of Saturn, which is sending its energy forward from its placement in Scorpio, to Capricorn. This position gives some hope for practical realization and progress in negotiations for the coming weeks.
On Wednesday, December 31, Mercury changes signs, entering Capricorn. The planet of Communications, Ideas, and Reasons, follows Venus into the sign of Practical Realization. While in Capricorn, Venus & Mercury will be receiving the aspect of Jupiter from its position in Cancer, on the opposite side of the zodiac. Hopefully the energy of the planet of Wisdom will help Mercury & Venus make better decisions in the coming weeks.
Mars will be exactly opposite Jupiter on Thursday, January 1. The planet of Attack has been agitating Jupiter for several weeks, and now the energy is at its peak. Jupiter has been retrograde since early December, so it is already hampered in its expression. Jupiter is the planet of Banks, Bonds, & Credit. The financial markets, particularly the banking & bonds sector, are likely going to take a hit this week. Mars is on its way out of Capricorn; it changes signs on January 4th.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sagittarius New Moon, Winter Solstice

The New Moon will be on Sunday, Dec 21, @ 6 deg Sagittarius. This begins the Hindu lunar month Margasiras, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, Mrigrashira, which will be on January 4. Except that this year, the Full Moon will fall in Purnavasu nakshatra. Therefore the energy of the month has more of the nature of Purnavasu, a lunar sign that is considered auspicious for "re-doing" or "starting over." In other words, this lunar month is favorable for making a second attempt on something.
December 21 is the Winter Solstice. This is the day that the Sun appears to stop its travel towards the South, and begins to return to the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore the shortest day and longest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). Traditionally a day of prayers & ceremonies, but not considered a good time to begin anything new, due to the Sun being "in between" two phases of its energy pattern.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Venus conjunct Pluto & Square Uranus

There are no major new developments in the zodiac this week. However, there is an interesting, and rather unusual formation which may create events.
Pluto and Uranus are in exact square aspect to each other. Both of these planets move very slowly through the zodiac, an exact square aspect only happens every 80 years or so. These aspects form slowly, and can function over a period of months. An exact aspect gets more "juice" for manifesting when a faster moving planet conjuncts one or the other of the slower moving planets.
Venus will be conjunct Pluto later this week; the exact conjunction with Pluto will be on Saturday, Dec 21, @ 18 deg Sagittarius. Thus Venus will simultaneously be exactly square Uranus (18 deg Pisces). Both Uranus and Pluto are considered "natural malefics" and have a reputation for creating major changes, crisis, disasters, etc. Therefore, Venus significations could be in trouble later this week: Entertainment, Pleasures, Harmony, Agreements, & the Financial Sector.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Jupiter Begins Retrograde Period, Mercury enters Sagittarius

Starting Monday, Dec 8, Jupiter begins its 4 months-long Retrograde Period. A retrograde planet is "retracing its steps" in the zodiac. This suggests going back and examining the past. Jupiter is the the planet of Opportunity. Therefore: a good time for checking back with past opportunities that didn't work out.
The retrograde condition also Delays the forward motion of a planet in it's progress through the zodiac. Thus: Jupiter's significations will be delayed or held back: Delayed Judgment, Delayed Prosperity, Delayed Expansion.
Retrograde planets are good for introspection. Jupiter retrograde =seeking Understanding & Realization from within.
Mercury enters Sagittarius on Saturday, Dec. 13. The planet of Communications, Reasons, & Explanations, in the sign of Personal Truth. Sagittarius fights for its own point of view. Mercury joins with Venus, already in Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius = Love of one's own truth. This combination does not promise much in the way of compromise during the coming weeks. Mercury & Venus will be in Sagittarius until the end of December.