Saturday, November 29, 2014

Venus Enters Sagittarius, Full Moon in Taurus

Venus enters Sagittarius on Friday, Dec 5th. The planet of Compromise & Agreement doesn't do so well in a self-centered Fire sign like Sagittarius. Thus some of the lower side of Venus comes out in this sign: Selfishness, Self-aggrandizement, Devotion to Your Own Truth, etc. But both Venus and Sagittarius are Sociable, so social activities are favored, as long as it's with people who already agree with each other.  Venus will be in Sagittarius until Dec. 29.
The Full Moon will be on Saturday, Dec. 6th, @ 20 deg Taurus. This is a strong Full Moon, since Taurus is the Moon's sign of Exaltation. The Full Moon will be in the lunar sign Rohini, which further strengthens the Moon, especially for Material Gain. Mercury will be nearly Exactly Opposite to the Full Moon. The planet of Rational Thinking will be in mutual aspect with the strong Moon, and will be overwhelmed by the powerful light of the Moon. Therefore, emotions will rule over rational decisions this coming weekend.


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