Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mars Conjunct Pluto & Square Uranus, Venus Enters Scorpio, Venus Conjunct Saturn

Mars will be exactly conjunct Pluto on Monday, November 10, @ 17 deg Sagittarius. The planet of Action and the planet of Total Transformation come together about once every two years. Sometimes the results are subtle, sometimes very obvious. This time Mars is simultaneously Square to Uranus, exact on Wednesday Nov 12. And for added effect, there is the Moon directly opposite Mars-Pluto, on Tuesday Nov 11. Thus, the potential for a Crisis, or a large-scale transformative event, likely involving violence, during the first part of the week.
Venus enters Scorpio on Tuesday, November 11. The planet of Agreement, Romance, and Pleasures will be in the Passionate, Power-hungry, Secretive sign of the Scorpion for three weeks, until December 5. Scorpio tends to bring out the lower side of Venus, the tendency to use the power of the planet of Love for selfish ends. On the positive side, this is the planet of Agreements in the sign of Alliances.
Venus is exactly conjunct Saturn on Wednesday, Nov 12, @ 1 deg Scorpio. Saturn only just entered Scorpio a few days ago. Now Venus catches up to Saturn and swiftly passes it. The planet of Agreement and the planet of Reality, together in the sign of Secret Deals, indicates something big could be going on behind the scene.


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