Saturday, October 25, 2014

Venus totally Combust, Mercury Direct, Mercury conjunct Rahu

Venus is exactly conjunct the Sun today, Saturday October 25, @ 8 deg Libra. The energy of the planet of Love & Agreement combines with the energy of Power and Authority. It sounds good, except that it's not an equal relationship. The Sun outshines and overwhelms Venus, so Love & Agreement is hard to find. Venus will emerge from combustion, and become visible again, in mid-November.
Mercury ends its retrograde period today, Saturday October 25, @ 22 deg Virgo. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Business Transactions, etc., returns to normal direct motion in the zodiac. Mercury is in its own sign Virgo, which is also its sign of Exaltation. Therefore Mercury' significations prosper in the coming days. Mercury will leave Virgo on November 4, election day in the USA.
Mercury is conjunct Rahu on Thursday, October 30, @ 25 deg Virgo. The planet of Rational Thinking, combines with the significator of Appetite and Obsession, in the sign of Details & Analysis. Rahu is an eclipse point, which can either distort, or enhance, the significations of Mercury. Since Mercury is also the planet of The Media, the likelihood is for an intensification of Media Stories, Advertisement, etc. this week.


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