Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Begins October 4

Mercury will begin a retrograde phase next Saturday, October 4. This is the last retrograde period for Mercury in 2014. Mercury begins its apparent reverse movement @ 8 deg Libra. On October 16th, Mercury will "back into" Virgo. Mercury ends its retrograde period on October 25th, @ 22 deg Virgo.
The usual problems of Mercury retrograde will arise: Delays in Communications, Misunderstanding and Misinterpretation, Problems with Equipment, Mistakes in Business Transactions, etc. Mercury retrograde periods are good for "going back over things," i.e., paying past bills, responding to past correspondence, editing a report or manuscript.
This Mercury retrograde period will be more problematic than usual because Mercury and its dispositor, Venus, are in Parivatana yoga, i.e., in each other's signs. Since Venus is debilitated and combust, and Mercury is retrograde, both planets are disadvantaged, and therefore reinforce each other's problems (see previous post). The issues with Mercury retrograde will improve somewhat after Mercury returns to its own sign Virgo, on Oct. 16.
In your personal Vedic Astrology chart, if you have any important planets between 21 deg Virgo and 9 deg Libra, you should be especially watchful for Mercury Retrograde problems. The problems are more likely to arise in the area of life indicated by the houses in your chart containing Virgo and Libra.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Moon in Virgo, Venus Enters Virgo

The New Moon is Wednesday, September 24 (Tuesday night) @ 7 deg Virgo. This begins the Hindu lunar month Asvina, named for the nakshatra Ashvini. But this year, the Full Moon will fall in the previous nakshatra, Revati. Thus the energy of the month will have more of the nature of Revati, rather than Ashvini.
In any case, the energy of the month is severely compromised due to the Full Moon being a Total Lunar Eclipse, on October 8. Further, the Oct. 8 Eclipse will be exactly conjunct Uranus, the planet of Unexpected Events. Therefore, this lunar month is not favorable for starting any important new projects.
Venus enters Virgo on Wednesday, Sept. 24. The planet of Love, Art, Agreement, etc., will be in its sign of Debilitation, i.e., weakened, for 3 weeks, until October 18. Since Venus will be in Mercury's sign, while Mercury is in Venus's sign Libra, the two planets are in a Parivatana yoga, i.e., exchanging sign rulerships. This forms a relationship connecting the meanings of the planet of Compromise, Venus, with the planet of Communication, Mercury. The coming weeks are good for Negotiations, Better Understanding, etc.
By the end of the week Venus becomes Combust: Venus will be catching up to the Sun, getting so close that it disappears from view . When we can't see the planet of Guidance, we are "without guidance." Therefore, making important decisions regarding Venus significations, such as Romance, Finance, Purchases, is not recommended. Venus will be combust until mid-November.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mercury Conjunct Rahu, Mercury Enters Libra

Mercury is exactly opposite Uranus, today, Saturday September 13. The planet of Ideas, Explanations, & The Media, has been trading energy with the planet of Freedom, Rebellion, & Sudden Change. The result has been a lot of Radical Thinking, Crazy Ideas, Unexpected News, over the past week. This energy continues this week.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Rahu on Tuesday, September 16, @ 25 deg Virgo. The planet of Ideas, Rational Thinking, Information, & Communications, combines with the eclipse point that signifies Obsession, Innovation, and Confusion. Since Mercury is in its sign of Exaltation, the results are mostly good. Already we have Apple's new Apple Watch: Communication + Innovation. But there has also been Confused Thinking, such as this idea that arming Syrian rebels will solve the problem of the advance of ISIS in the Middle East.
Mercury will enter Libra on Saturday, Sept. 20. The planet of Rational Thinking does well in the sign of Balance & Agreement. By leaving Virgo, Mercury will also escape from the influence of Rahu, and Uranus. Mercury joins up with Saturn, the planet of Reality, which is still in Libra. This combination gives some hope for next week for more Reasonable Ideas & Realistic Thinking.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus opposite Neptune, Mercury opposite Uranus

The Full Moon will be Monday, Sept 8, @ 22 deg Aquarius. This marks the culmination of the energy of the lunar month Bhadrapada. The Full Moon will be in the nakshatra Purva Bhadra, which is associated with remorse & regret. It is not a favorable month for beginning important new projects, except those involving penance, self-mortification, sacrifice, or revenge. Cue the suicide bombers and drones.
Venus will be exactly opposite Neptune on Wednesday, Sept 10:  Venus @ 11 deg Leo; Neptune @ 11 deg Aquarius. The planet of Love, Creativity, Guidance, Compromise & Agreement, is being influenced by the planet of Dreams, Imagination, Illusions, Deception & Suspicion. Except for creative imagination, Venus significations generally suffer this week. Not a good week for making honest agreements.
Mercury will be exactly opposite Uranus on Saturday, Sept. 13: Mercury @ 21 deg Virgo; Uranus @ 21 deg Pisces. The planet of Rational Thinking, Decisions, Data & Information, and Communications, is being influenced by the planet of Rebellion, Independence, & Sudden Unexpected Events. Already this past week there have been numerous instances of Unexpected Events involving the Media & Internet. More of that sort of thing this week. Good for Inspiration, but beware of Crazy Ideas.