Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Moon Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury enters Cancer, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

The New Moon is today, Saturday July 26, @ 9 deg Cancer. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Shravana, considered auspicious for new beginnings. But this year, the Full Moon (on Aug 10) will not be in Shravana, instead falling in the next nakshatra, Dhanishta, which is still considered generally auspicious.
This New Moon is conjunct Exalted Jupiter. The New Moon is @ 9 deg, and Jupiter is @ 8 deg of the sign. Thus the "birth of the month" is even more auspicious, signalling a strong influence from benefic, expansive Jupiter. Let us hope that Jupiter's energy of Conciliation aid in bringing an end to the deadly conflicts around the globe.
Mercury enters Cancer on Monday, July 28th. The planet of the intellect leaves its own sign Gemini, and enters the sign of the Moon. Mercury doesn't do so well in this sign: the linear rational thinking gets contaminated by emotion-driven Cancer. Still, it is good for Intuitive Thinking. Mercury will be in Cancer until August 12th.
Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter. The exact conjunction will be on Saturday, August 2nd, @ 9 deg Cancer. This puts together the planet of Thinking with the planet of Expansion. The result is "Big Ideas." Generally the combination is benefic, indicating a more positive & optimistic approach to dealing with issues.


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