Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jupiter Combust Sun, Saturn Stationary, Uranus Retrograde

Jupiter is within a few degrees of the Sun this week & next. When a planet is so close to the Sun that we can't see it, it is "Combust," meaning, burnt up. The planet's significations therefore suffer. Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, therefore prosperity is affected. Jupiter is also the planet of Wisdom: when we can't see Jupiter, we are "without wisdom." Jupiter will come out of combustion on August 2, when it will again be visible just before sunrise in the East.
Saturn ends its retrograde phase on Monday, July 21. Saturn has been "going backwards" in the zodiac since March 2. This week Saturn appears to hang motionless in the Heavens, @ 22 deg. Libra, as it prepares to return to normal "Direct" motion in the zodiac. When a planet is Stationary, it is considered to be very strong for effects. Saturn is the planet of Delay, Limitation, Structure, Established Order, and Suffering.
Uranus begins its retrograde phase on Monday, July 21, @ 22 deg Pisces. The planet of Sudden, Unexpected Events, has been near stationary all this past week, and will appear to be motionless this week as well. The significations of Uranus are therefore strong. The shoot-down of the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine is one obvious example of this energy pattern.


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