Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Moon Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury enters Cancer, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

The New Moon is today, Saturday July 26, @ 9 deg Cancer. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Shravana, considered auspicious for new beginnings. But this year, the Full Moon (on Aug 10) will not be in Shravana, instead falling in the next nakshatra, Dhanishta, which is still considered generally auspicious.
This New Moon is conjunct Exalted Jupiter. The New Moon is @ 9 deg, and Jupiter is @ 8 deg of the sign. Thus the "birth of the month" is even more auspicious, signalling a strong influence from benefic, expansive Jupiter. Let us hope that Jupiter's energy of Conciliation aid in bringing an end to the deadly conflicts around the globe.
Mercury enters Cancer on Monday, July 28th. The planet of the intellect leaves its own sign Gemini, and enters the sign of the Moon. Mercury doesn't do so well in this sign: the linear rational thinking gets contaminated by emotion-driven Cancer. Still, it is good for Intuitive Thinking. Mercury will be in Cancer until August 12th.
Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter. The exact conjunction will be on Saturday, August 2nd, @ 9 deg Cancer. This puts together the planet of Thinking with the planet of Expansion. The result is "Big Ideas." Generally the combination is benefic, indicating a more positive & optimistic approach to dealing with issues.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Jupiter Combust Sun, Saturn Stationary, Uranus Retrograde

Jupiter is within a few degrees of the Sun this week & next. When a planet is so close to the Sun that we can't see it, it is "Combust," meaning, burnt up. The planet's significations therefore suffer. Jupiter is the planet of prosperity, therefore prosperity is affected. Jupiter is also the planet of Wisdom: when we can't see Jupiter, we are "without wisdom." Jupiter will come out of combustion on August 2, when it will again be visible just before sunrise in the East.
Saturn ends its retrograde phase on Monday, July 21. Saturn has been "going backwards" in the zodiac since March 2. This week Saturn appears to hang motionless in the Heavens, @ 22 deg. Libra, as it prepares to return to normal "Direct" motion in the zodiac. When a planet is Stationary, it is considered to be very strong for effects. Saturn is the planet of Delay, Limitation, Structure, Established Order, and Suffering.
Uranus begins its retrograde phase on Monday, July 21, @ 22 deg Pisces. The planet of Sudden, Unexpected Events, has been near stationary all this past week, and will appear to be motionless this week as well. The significations of Uranus are therefore strong. The shoot-down of the Malaysian Airliner over Ukraine is one obvious example of this energy pattern.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mars & Venus Change Signs; Nodes Change Signs

Mars enters Libra on July 13: The planet of War enters the sign of Peace & Harmony, which should be a good thing, especially since this breaks up the Mars-Uranus opposition which has been fueling Rebellion around the world. But once in Libra, Mars will join with Saturn, creating an intense combination that, while good for Focused Efforts, also leads to Ruthless Actions. Mars will be in Libra until September 4. (more details on Sunday July 13 video blog).
Venus enters Gemini on July 13: Venus leaves its own sign and enters the sign of Mercury, where it joins with Mercury. Gemini is the sign of consensus, able to see things from multiple points of view. Generally, this is favorable for talks and negotiations. But with Mars now conjunct Saturn, the energy for compromise is not available.
Rahu and Ketu change signs: The nodes of the Moon form a new energy pattern as they leave Libra and Aries, and enter Virgo (Rahu) and Pisces (Ketu). The traits of these two signs will be emphasized over the next year and a half, until January 2016, with differing results depending on your rising sign. Watch the video that explains it all.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Today, Saturday June 5, Moon is conjunct Mars & opposite Uranus. The Moon provides additional energy for the Mars-Uranus pattern =Strong potential for Excitement, Dramatic Events, Violence. Exact conjunction will be @ 6:30 pm, PDT.
Full Moon will be on Saturday, June 12, @ 26 deg Sagittarius. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month of Ashada, generally considered good for beginning new projects. But the lunar month's energies were spoiled by the New Moon being conjunct retrograde Mercury, therefore not favorable for beginning important new endeavors (see: June 21 post).
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