Monday, June 09, 2014

Venus Opposite Saturn, Full Moon in Scorpio, Mars Square Pluto

Venus will be exactly opposite Saturn on Thursday, June 12. Venus will be at 23 deg Aries, Saturn is at 23 deg. Libra. Since Venus is a natural benefic, its aspect is beneficial for Saturn significations: the Established Order does well this week. On the other hand, Saturn as a first-rate malefic, will be detrimental to Venus significations. Therefore this is not a good week for Romance, Agreements, Finances, etc.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, June 13, @ 28 deg. Scorpio. This marks the culmination of the lunar month's energies. Since the Full Moon will be simultaneous with some other problematic planetary combinations, the end of this week is not a good time for dealing with important business.
Mars will be exactly square to Pluto on Saturday, June 14. Mars is @ 18 deg. Virgo; Pluto is @ 18 deg. Sagittarius. Mars is the "attack planet," Pluto signifies large-scale social movements. Pluto also signifies Use of Power, and potential Destruction. Mars is simultaneously within 3 degrees of exact opposition to Uranus, planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. The Moon, still nearly Full, will be conjunct Pluto on Saturday as well.
Due to the Mars -Pluto -Uranus pattern being active at the same time as a Full Moon, along with the Saturn opposite Venus pattern, the end of this week and next weekend has a strong potential for an Unexpected, and potentially catastrophic, event. Best to stay aware and stick to routine actions.


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