Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Ends

On Tuesday, July 1, Mercury's retrograde period ends. The planet of communication returns to normal direct motion in the zodiac. When finishing a retrograde period a planet appears to hang motionless in the Heavens, a condition called "Stationary." Mercury will be stationary June 30 -July 2. A stationary planet is strong for producing effects. Even after going back to Direct Motion, it takes awhile for the planet to "get back up to speed," i.e., Mercury will be moving very slowly for several days. Therefore the effects of Mercury retrograde will linger on for another week.
Mercury goes Direct @ 0 deg Gemini. A planet at the intersection of two signs (30 deg/ 0 deg) is weak for producing results. This is contradictory to a planet being stationary, which is strong for effects. Therefore the significations of Mercury are suspect this week, being alternately strong and weak. Careful of all communications, data & information,  use of equipment, potential for misunderstandings, misinterpretation, making decisions, etc. Mercury will next transit through the entirety of its own sign, Gemini, finally leaving Gemini on July 28.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mars Exactly Opposite Uranus, New Moon in Gemini

On Wednesday, June 25th, Mars and Uranus are in exact Opposition. Mars is @ 22 deg. Virgo; Uranus is @ 22 deg. Pisces. Thus the planet of Action & Energy is exchanging aspects with the planet of Freedom & Rebellion. This promises No Let Up in the various rebellions around the world. The planet of Violence exchanges energy with the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. This is prime territory for Accidents, as well as violence from the Natural World, like tornadoes, floods, etc. The two planets will still be in opposition, until Mars leaves Virgo on July 13th.
The New Moon will be on Friday, June 27th, @ 11 deg. Gemini. This begins the Hindu lunar month of Ashada, named for the lunar sign of the Full Moon, Purva Ashada, which will be on July 12th. The translation of Purva Ashada is "The Undefeated" or "Early Victory." This lunar month is good for getting something accomplished. But, there is a fly in the ointment: The birth of the lunar month is in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is still retrograde, and not far from the degree of the New Moon. Therefore the energy of the month is compromised, and more prone to making miscalculations. Best to be careful in starting any new projects.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Venus enters Taurus, Jupiter enters Cancer, Summer Solstice

On Wednesday, June 18, Venus changes signs, entering Taurus. Venus will be in its own sign for nearly four weeks, until July 13. When a planet is in its own sign, both the planet's and the sign's significations benefit. Thus Relationship, Romance, Agreement, Pleasures, Entertainment, etc. will all be operating more favorably during the coming weeks. Venus will not be under any direct malefic influence during this time; the planet will be able to express itself freely.
Jupiter also changes signs on June 18, moving from Gemini to Cancer. Jupiter spends about a year in a sign. Thus, Jupiter changing signs significantly changes the planetary energy pattern. Cancer is Jupiter's sign of exaltation, therefore Jupiter's significations prosper for the coming 12 months. The downside is that "too much Jupiter" can lead to relying too much on Faith and Hope, too much Optimism, and Indulgence. (For more details on Jupiter in Cancer, check out the youtube video "Planetary Patterns & Predictions" on  posted on Sunday, June 15.)
Summer Solstice will be Saturday, June 21. The Sun reaches its furthest distance from the celestial equator, in its apparent journey through the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the "first day of summer;" the longest day / shortest night, etc. In Vedic Astrology, it is considered a time of weakness. Therefore it is best to avoid starting important projects, for a few days before and after the solstice.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Venus Opposite Saturn, Full Moon in Scorpio, Mars Square Pluto

Venus will be exactly opposite Saturn on Thursday, June 12. Venus will be at 23 deg Aries, Saturn is at 23 deg. Libra. Since Venus is a natural benefic, its aspect is beneficial for Saturn significations: the Established Order does well this week. On the other hand, Saturn as a first-rate malefic, will be detrimental to Venus significations. Therefore this is not a good week for Romance, Agreements, Finances, etc.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, June 13, @ 28 deg. Scorpio. This marks the culmination of the lunar month's energies. Since the Full Moon will be simultaneous with some other problematic planetary combinations, the end of this week is not a good time for dealing with important business.
Mars will be exactly square to Pluto on Saturday, June 14. Mars is @ 18 deg. Virgo; Pluto is @ 18 deg. Sagittarius. Mars is the "attack planet," Pluto signifies large-scale social movements. Pluto also signifies Use of Power, and potential Destruction. Mars is simultaneously within 3 degrees of exact opposition to Uranus, planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. The Moon, still nearly Full, will be conjunct Pluto on Saturday as well.
Due to the Mars -Pluto -Uranus pattern being active at the same time as a Full Moon, along with the Saturn opposite Venus pattern, the end of this week and next weekend has a strong potential for an Unexpected, and potentially catastrophic, event. Best to stay aware and stick to routine actions.