Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mars Goes Direct, Mercury enters Gemini, Venus enters Aries

Mars ends its retrograde period on Tuesday, May 20. The planet of Action and Effort will soon resume Direct, forward motion in the zodiac. Mars "turns around" @ 14 deg (nearly 15 deg) Virgo. For this week, Mars will appear to hang motionless in this spot in the zodiac. A planet that is "stationary" is super-strong. Remember that Mars is still opposite Uranus, by less than 6 degrees. Therefore do not expect much letup in the constant stream of accidents, unusual events, rebellions, protests, etc.
Mercury enters Gemini on Thursday, May 22. The planet of Rational Thought enters its own sign, making both Mercury and Gemini strong.  Since Mercury is Communication and the Media, and Gemini likes talk and debate for its own sake, we can expect the talking heads to hold forth with increased vigor. Mercury will join up with Jupiter, the planet of Increase, already transiting in this sign for the past year. Mercury + Jupiter = Big Ideas. Mercury will be in Gemini for longer than the usual 2 -3 weeks, because Mercury will go retrograde in June, not leaving Gemini until July 28.
Venus enters Aries on Friday, May 23. The planet of Romance, Compromise, Guidance, and Finance will leave its sign of exaltation, Pisces, and enter the proactive, fire sign ruled by Mars. This combination puts more emphasis on the negative side of Venus, such as selfish self-interest, and out of control Passion. On the plus side, Aries is creative, and Venus is the planet of the artist.


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