Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mercury Retrograde Period in June

On Saturday, June 7, Mercury will begin a Retrograde Period. Mercury will be "stationary" at the end of this week, as it prepares to go "backwards" in the zodiac, beginning at 9 deg. Gemini. This Mercury retrograde period will be 24 days long, lasting through June 30.
Mercury will be in its own sign, Gemini, without any direct malefic influences, for the entire retrograde period. A retrograde planet is strong, but not behaving normally. Mercury's significations will be challenged over the next three weeks, perhaps more so since the sign Gemini is also affected. Gemini is the sign of Ideas, Reasons, Explanations.
Therefore, Observe the Usual Precautions for Mercury Retrograde Periods: Expect Delays & Misunderstandings in Communications. Check to make sure that the message went through; that what was intended was what was heard. Mercury is the planet of Equipment: during Mercury Retrograde there are more equipment malfunctions than normal (Computers! Cell Phones!). Mercury is the planet of Business Transactions, therefore be careful when making purchases, count your change, check bank deposit tallies, etc.
Mercury Retrograde is Good For: Getting back in Touch with someone, Answering past Correspondence, Paying Past Bills, Taking Care of Past Business, Revising and Editing a report or manuscript. The general theme is "going back over" whatever was recently done.
There is some Mars influence for this Mercury Retrograde period. Mars is transiting in Mercury's other sign, Virgo. The energy of Mars will be transferred to Mercury, lending some Impatience, Need for Action, Potential for Irritability, etc.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Venus conjunct Ketu, New Moon in Taurus

Venus will be conjunct Ketu on Monday, May 26, @ 3 deg Aries. Venus is Love, Relationship, Beauty, Pleasure, etc. Ketu represents dissolution, renunciation, a monk. The energy of these two is generally incompatible. The significations of Venus will suffer this week. Therefore Agreement is harder to come by, Romance is generally unsatisfactory, the Financial sector may take a hit. One the plus side, Ketu is spiritual and Venus is devotion, thus spiritual practices, devotion to the guru, etc. are favored.
The New Moon will be on Wednesday, May 28, @ 13 deg Taurus. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Jyeshta, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which will be on June 12. The energy of Jyeshta is favorable for Serious Actions, Taking Control, and Giving Assistance & Protection. This New Moon is not afflicted or otherwise involved with other planets, i.e., the energy of the month is "unsullied" and free to express itself.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mars Goes Direct, Mercury enters Gemini, Venus enters Aries

Mars ends its retrograde period on Tuesday, May 20. The planet of Action and Effort will soon resume Direct, forward motion in the zodiac. Mars "turns around" @ 14 deg (nearly 15 deg) Virgo. For this week, Mars will appear to hang motionless in this spot in the zodiac. A planet that is "stationary" is super-strong. Remember that Mars is still opposite Uranus, by less than 6 degrees. Therefore do not expect much letup in the constant stream of accidents, unusual events, rebellions, protests, etc.
Mercury enters Gemini on Thursday, May 22. The planet of Rational Thought enters its own sign, making both Mercury and Gemini strong.  Since Mercury is Communication and the Media, and Gemini likes talk and debate for its own sake, we can expect the talking heads to hold forth with increased vigor. Mercury will join up with Jupiter, the planet of Increase, already transiting in this sign for the past year. Mercury + Jupiter = Big Ideas. Mercury will be in Gemini for longer than the usual 2 -3 weeks, because Mercury will go retrograde in June, not leaving Gemini until July 28.
Venus enters Aries on Friday, May 23. The planet of Romance, Compromise, Guidance, and Finance will leave its sign of exaltation, Pisces, and enter the proactive, fire sign ruled by Mars. This combination puts more emphasis on the negative side of Venus, such as selfish self-interest, and out of control Passion. On the plus side, Aries is creative, and Venus is the planet of the artist.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Venus opposite Mars, Full Moon, Venus conjunct Uranus

Venus is exactly opposite Mars on Sunday, May 11. The Moon is joining in on the Mars side of the opposition, increasing the potential for events. Mars is still retrograde, @ 15 deg. Virgo, making its energy super-strong. The significations of Venus are under attack from Mars. When the two gender planets are in a relationship there is a lot of Passion. The additional Lunar energy makes it even more emotional.
The Full Moon will be on Wednesday May 14, @ 29 deg Libra. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month of Vaisaka, usually good for Beginnings and Achieving Goals. But the energy of this month was spoiled by the Solar Eclipse on the New Moon. The Full Moon is also held back, due to the close conjunction with Retrograde Saturn, now at 25 deg Libra. Therefore we can't expect much from this lunar month.
Venus is exactly conjunct Uranus on Thursday, May 14, @ 20 deg. Pisces. The planet of Love & Harmony must combine with the planet of Rebellion and Unexpected Events. The conjunction of Venus and Uranus is simultaneously receiving the malefic aspect of Mars from the other side of the zodiac, creating a pattern that further threatens all Venus significations for this week. Passions are high, Peace is unlikely, Agreement is harder to come by, the Financial Sector will be volatile. Best to stick to routine actions until the storm blows over.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Mercury enters Taurus, Venus opposite Mars

Mercury will change signs and enter Taurus on Sunday, May 4. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Information, The Media, etc., will spend the next 2-1/2 weeks in the sign of the Bull. By moving into Taurus, Mercury will escape from the influence of Mars (see previous posts); significations of Mercury generally improve in the sign of Material Worth. But the Bull is Stubborn, therefore Mercury the planet of Rational Thought will be less flexible. Mercury will be in Taurus until May 22.
Venus is Opposite Mars; the exact opposition will be Sunday, May 11. The planet of Love, Agreement, Harmony, etc. is under attack from the planet of Aggression & Conflict. As the week progresses, Venus significations will deteriorate. Peace is harder to achieve; agreements get broken. Venus represents the Financial Sector, which will likewise be under stress this week.
Saturn is exactly opposite the Sun on Saturday, May 10. The Sun represents Power & Authority, therefore Leaders & Governments. Saturn is the planet of Harsh Reality. Saturn is also retrograde, making it even less inclined to change. This combination, together with the Mars-Venus opposition, does not bode well for finding a resolution to what is going on in various conflicts around the globe.