Saturday, April 26, 2014

Venus Enters Pisces, New Moon /Solar Eclipse

Venus will leave Aquarius and enter Pisces on Sunday, April 27. Venus is considered exalted in Pisces, i.e., the best qualities of this planet are expressed through this sign. But unfortunately, Venus will be influenced by the energy of two malefic planets while it transits through Pisces. Venus has to combine with Uranus,  the planet of Rebellion, Sudden Unexpected Events, Independence, Disruption, & Eccentricity. Thus: Love + Disruption, Peace +Rebellion, Compromise +Independence, etc. The exact conjunction of Venus and Uranus will be on May 15.
Venus will also be opposed by Retrograde Mars, which is across the zodiac in Virgo: Thus, the planet of Force &Comflict, opposite the planet of Love &Harmony. This too does not bode well for Venus. The exact opposition of Venus and Mars will be on May 11. Therefore the Significations of Venus will suffer over the coming weeks. Venus will be in Pisces until May 23.
The New Moon will be on Tuesday, April 29 @ 14 deg. Aries. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month Vaisakha, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Vishakha, which will be on May 14. The energy of this month promotes New Beginnings, Making Resolutions, Setting Goals and Achieving them. However, the energy of the month is somewhat compromised because the New Moon is a Solar Eclipse. It's an Annular Eclipse, i.e., the disc of the Moon does not fully cover the Sun. The eclipse will only be visible at the extreme of the Southern Hemisphere: Antarctica and Eastern Australia. Eclipses signal forth-coming changes. Combined with the problems of Venus, and the continued opposition of retrograde Mars and Uranus, we can expect the coming lunar month to be rather unstable, and therefore not suitable for beginning important new endeavors.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mercury enters Aries, Mars exactly Opposite Uranus, Grand Cross

On Sunday, April 20, Mercury enters Aries. The planet of Rational Thinking leaves its sign of debilitation, Pisces, and enters the dynamic, creative fire sign ruled by Mars. Although Mercury will no longer be directly opposed by Mars, its relationship with Mars continues. Mercury while in Aries is in a sign ruled by Mars, while Mars is in Mercury's sign Virgo. This forms a Parivatana Yoga, an exchange of sign rulerships, creating a powerful and compelling relationship between two planets, which in this case are natural enemies. Additionally, Mercury will be receiving the special 8th house (210 deg) aspect of Mars, considered especially malefic. Thus, Mercury is still in the toilet for another couple of weeks (until May 4), and its significations will suffer. Careful of Hasty, Rash Decisions, Destructive Thinking, Harsh Language, etc.
Mars will be exactly opposite Uranus on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 22 -23. The two planets are @ 19 deg of their respective signs: Mars in Virgo; Uranus in Pisces. Since Mars is still retrograde, its energy is restricted, creating a backup of pressure. Uranus is the planet of Sudden Events. The resulting combination is a pressure cooker ready to blow up. The events associated with this combination are: Violence, Accidents, Unintended Consequences, Rebellions, Surprising Actions. The events can be either man-made or provided by mother nature. This energy pattern has been in effect for the past week while slowly forming, and continues to function for the rest of the month.
There is simultaneously a Grand Cross in the zodiac, formed by the Mars -Uranus opposition, which is exactly square to the Jupiter-Pluto opposition. All four planets are at 19 degrees in their respective signs. The energy pattern generates even more tension and stress.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mercury conjunct Uranus, "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse

Mercury will be exactly conjunct Uranus on Monday, April 14, @ 19 deg Pisces. The Planet of Rational Thinking is debilitated in the sign Pisces, and now with the Uranus influence, promises some radical, and irrational, ideas, reasons & explanations.
Mercury is simultaneously opposed by Retrograde Mars, across the zodiac @ 22 deg. Virgo. On Monday, the Moon will also be conjunct Mars, making it a four planet opposition, with high potential for events. Mercury is the planet of Information, Data, News Reports, Rational Decisions, etc. Mars is the planet of Attack. Uranus is the planet of Sudden Events. The Moon is an activator. Mars opposite Uranus is a strong indicator of Sudden Violence, i.e., Accidents. Mercury's involvement likely will produce alarming news reports, panic, and hysteria.
The Full Moon is a Total Lunar Eclipse, on Tuesday, April 15, @ 1 deg. Libra. The eclipse will be visible in the USA after midnight. A Total Lunar Eclipse is referred to as a "Blood Moon" due to the reddish color of the Moon at the height of the eclipse. In Astrology eclipses signify forth-coming events. The events don't usually occur at the time of the eclipse. The eclipse sensitizes that point of the zodiac to subsequent transits, which produce the event. The next significant transit through the first degree of Libra will be Mars, in mid-July. In a personal chart, if you have a natal planet at Libra 1 deg., the significations of that planet, and that area of your life, will go through major changes during the coming months.