Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mars Retrograde, Mars conjunct Rahu, Saturn Retrograde, Jupiter Direct

Mars begins its retrograde period today, Saturday March 1, @ 3 deg. Libra. The planet of Action, Beginnings, Conflict, War & Destruction, will appear to be moving backwards in the zodiac for the next 11 weeks, until May 20. Mars retrograde periods have a reputation for problems. The energy planet is being held back from normal progress in the Heavens. Thus, projects tend to run in to delays, setbacks, obstacles, more so than usual. Since Mars is the military planet, it indicates strategy. Mars retrograde is favorable for planning, plotting, making preparations, etc. Mars is retracing its steps, therefore Mars retrograde implies re-doing, i.e., making corrections or reworking something that is already complete or near completion.
Mars is conjunct Rahu, within 2 degrees. While turning retrograde, Mars is very close to the north node (eclipse point). Rahu signifies emphasis & ambition, but also confusion and distortion. The combination of Rahu with Retrograde Mars makes the next few weeks even more challenging. Efforts and projects will have a tendency to backfire.
Saturn begins its retrograde period on Sunday, March 2, @ 29 deg. Libra. The planet of Structure, Responsibility, Delay, Limitations, Stability, The Established Order, etc., now begins its 4-1/2 months long retrograde period, lasting until July 20. While retrograde, the energy of Saturn becomes more stubborn and resistant to change than usual. The Established Order digs in its heels. The need for Stability and Control becomes an over-riding factor.
Jupiter ends its retrograde period on Thursday, March 6, @ 16 deg. Gemini. Some good news, sort of: the planet of Opportunity, Optimism, Prosperity, Increase, Wisdom, etc., now returns to normal forward progress in the zodiac. Jupiter has been retrograde since early November. Jupiter in the mental sign Gemini stimulates Ideas and Communication.
Jupiter is stationary and in exact square aspect to Uranus, which is in Jupiter's sign Pisces. Uranus is the planet of Freedom and Revolution, and its relationship with Jupiter is a major influence on those who are protesting their governments. This energy pattern gets another boost from Jupiter going Direct, but simultaneously Saturn Retrograde is going to resist, and the whole thing gets further stress due to the pressure cooker effect of Mars retrograde +Rahu. The next few weeks will be filled with tension; best to stick to routine actions.


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