Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Aquarius, Mercury enters Pisces

The New Moon will be on Sunday, March 30, @ 15 deg Pisces. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month Chaitra, named for Chitra, the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on April15. This lunar month corresponds closely with the calendar month as well. The Chaitra New Moon is the traditional "New Year" in Vedic Astrology, used for making predictions for World Events for the coming 12 months. (For details, view this youtube segment from This lunar month is a bit unusual, because the New Moon is conjunct Uranus, and the Full Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse. Therefore, the energy of Chaitra is suspect: best not to schedule anything important for April; the results could be much different from expectations.
Venus will enter Aquarius on Sunday, March 30. The planet of Love, Attraction, Guidance, Agreement, etc., will be in the sign of Social Revolution and Humanitarian Values for most of April. Venus will also join forces with Neptune, which has been transiting here since 2009.  Thus the planet of Romance combines with the planet of Illusion. The exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune will be on April 11.
Mercury enters Pisces on Thursday, April 3. Pisces is a water sign, based on Feelings, and considered the sign of Debilitation for Mercury, the planet of the Rational Mind. Therefore, for the next couple of weeks (until April 20), everything will be less rational and less reasonable.
Mercury will also be in Parivatana yoga with Jupiter: Pisces is Jupiter's sign, and Jupiter is in Gemini; the two planets are exchanging their energies. Jupiter's energy of Increase and Optimism infects Mercury with more unreasonableness, augmenting the Pisces quality of Hope and Belief. Mercury will also be influenced by Uranus, already transiting in Pisces, as well as retrograde Mars, which is opposite in Mercury's other sign Virgo. Overall, the planet of rational thought will be very unreliable from April 3 -April 20.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mars Retrogrades Into Virgo

Retrograde Mars enters Virgo on Monday, March 24. Mars has been retrograde in Libra since March 1. Now Mars will "back into" Virgo, where it spends the remainder of its retrograde phase. Mars ends its retrograde phase on May 20, @ 14 deg. Virgo. After that, Mars will slowly move forward in the zodiac, finally leaving Virgo on July 13.
By moving from Libra to Virgo, Mars breaks its conjunction with Rahu. This is good: the obsession and confusion produced by Rahu have been making the first part of the Mars retrograde period more difficult than it would have been, as evidenced by recent world events. Virgo is the sign of details and analysis; Mars retrograde is good for making preparations. Therefore the coming weeks are favorable for getting details lined up for new projects, which however, should wait until the planet of action goes back to normal forward motion (after May 20).
While in Virgo, Mars will be opposite Uranus. This is a rather problematic planetary pattern. Mars is Action and Aggression, therefore War and Destruction. Uranus is the energy of Sudden, Unexpected events. Uranus is also the planet of Freedom and Rebellion. Since the retrograde condition of Mars tends to build up pressure, the influence of Uranus makes it more likely that the pressure will Explode in violence. The events that occur can be in the Human realm, or Natural realm. The exact opposition of Mars to Uranus will be on April 22.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Full Moon in Virgo, Spring Equinox, Mercury Conjunct Neptune

The Full Moon is on Sunday, March 16, @ 2 deg. Virgo. This marks the culmination of the energy of the Hindu lunar month Falguna, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, Uttara Phalguni. This lunar month is favorable for Dealing with Authorities, New Beginnings, Ceremonies, Initiations, etc.
The Vernal (Spring) Equinox will be Thursday, March 20. The Sun is at the midpoint of its apparent travel from the extremes of Winter and Summer; the duration of night and day is equal. In Western Astrology, this marks the beginning of the Tropical Zodiac, i.e., 0 deg. Aries for the Western Astrologer. In the real, Sidereal Zodiac, the Sun is @ 5 deg. Pisces. Vedic Astrology considers the Equinox to be a Sankranti, i.e., an Ingress. In this case, the Sun is entering the northern hemisphere, relative to the Earth. A Sankranti considered Unfavorable for starting important new projects. Therefore it is best to stick to routine actions for the three days before and after the Equinox.
Mercury will be conjunct Neptune @ 11 deg. Aquarius on Saturday, March 22. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons, Facts & Data, etc., will be combining with the planet of Dreams, Fantasies, Illusions, etc. Therefore this week is a poor one for making important decisions. The media, the talking heads, the leaders,  will be predisposed to putting out misinformation and disinformation. Be careful of Delusional Thinking, Idealism overwhelming Reality, Deception from others, etc.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Mercury enters Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Neptune

Mercury will change signs and enter Aquarius on Tuesday, March 11. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons, Information and Communication, usually does well in this sign. While transiting in Aquarius, Mercury will encounter Neptune, the planet of the Dreams, Irrational Thinking, and Delusion. This combination promotes the imagination, but it can easily go in a negative direction. The exact conjunction will be on March 22. Aquarius is the sign of the Humanitarian. Neptune at its best is Idealistic and Sympathetic. Therefore there will be more media coverage of the disadvantaged and calls for remedial actions during the coming weeks. The downside of Mercury + Neptune is Lack of Realism, or even Outright Deception. Mercury is in Aquarius until April 3.
Retrograde Mars is still closely conjunct Rahu this week and next. This energy pattern creates a lot of Tension, with the potential for Actions to Backfire. Since it is an eclipse point, Rahu  can Obscure and Confuse, and is a significator of Deception, Duplicity, Corruption, etc. What is actually happening may be hard to figure out, therefore beware of the actions of others. Adding in the combination of Mercury with Neptune has the potential for even more confusion, disinformation, etc.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mars Retrograde, Mars conjunct Rahu, Saturn Retrograde, Jupiter Direct

Mars begins its retrograde period today, Saturday March 1, @ 3 deg. Libra. The planet of Action, Beginnings, Conflict, War & Destruction, will appear to be moving backwards in the zodiac for the next 11 weeks, until May 20. Mars retrograde periods have a reputation for problems. The energy planet is being held back from normal progress in the Heavens. Thus, projects tend to run in to delays, setbacks, obstacles, more so than usual. Since Mars is the military planet, it indicates strategy. Mars retrograde is favorable for planning, plotting, making preparations, etc. Mars is retracing its steps, therefore Mars retrograde implies re-doing, i.e., making corrections or reworking something that is already complete or near completion.
Mars is conjunct Rahu, within 2 degrees. While turning retrograde, Mars is very close to the north node (eclipse point). Rahu signifies emphasis & ambition, but also confusion and distortion. The combination of Rahu with Retrograde Mars makes the next few weeks even more challenging. Efforts and projects will have a tendency to backfire.
Saturn begins its retrograde period on Sunday, March 2, @ 29 deg. Libra. The planet of Structure, Responsibility, Delay, Limitations, Stability, The Established Order, etc., now begins its 4-1/2 months long retrograde period, lasting until July 20. While retrograde, the energy of Saturn becomes more stubborn and resistant to change than usual. The Established Order digs in its heels. The need for Stability and Control becomes an over-riding factor.
Jupiter ends its retrograde period on Thursday, March 6, @ 16 deg. Gemini. Some good news, sort of: the planet of Opportunity, Optimism, Prosperity, Increase, Wisdom, etc., now returns to normal forward progress in the zodiac. Jupiter has been retrograde since early November. Jupiter in the mental sign Gemini stimulates Ideas and Communication.
Jupiter is stationary and in exact square aspect to Uranus, which is in Jupiter's sign Pisces. Uranus is the planet of Freedom and Revolution, and its relationship with Jupiter is a major influence on those who are protesting their governments. This energy pattern gets another boost from Jupiter going Direct, but simultaneously Saturn Retrograde is going to resist, and the whole thing gets further stress due to the pressure cooker effect of Mars retrograde +Rahu. The next few weeks will be filled with tension; best to stick to routine actions.