Saturday, February 22, 2014

Venus Enters Capricorn, Mercury Goes Direct, New Moon in Aquarius

Venus enters Capricorn on Tuesday, February 25. Venus leaves Sagittarius, where it has been for the last two months, and will spend the next four weeks in Capricorn. The planet of Romance, Agreement, Finance, etc., has to express itself through the agency of the sign of practical, pragmatic goals and results.
Venus will form a parivatana yoga with Saturn, which is in Venus's sign Libra. The two planets are exchanging energy by being in each other's signs. Saturn as the planet of Realism and Responsibility restrains Venus, so the result is less excess, more reality, for Venus significations in the coming weeks. While in the early degrees of Capricorn, Venus is receiving the square aspect of Mars, as well as being in square to the nodes, Rahu & Ketu. This puts additional stress on Venus for the first week of its stay in Capricorn.
Mercury ends its retrograde phase on Friday, February 28, @ 24 deg. Capricorn. Mercury will slowly resume normal forward progress in the zodiac. It takes a week or so for the planet to "get back up to speed," so the significations of retrograde Mercury can still hang around for awhile longer.
The New Moon is on Friday, February 28, @ 16 deg. Aquarius. This begins the Hindu Lunar Month Falguna, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, which will be on March 16, in Uttara Phalguni. The energy of the month is good for marriage, dealing with authorities, making commitments, ceremonies, initiations, good deeds, etc.
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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Full Moon in Leo opposite Retrograde Mercury

Friday, February 14, will be the Full Moon, @ 2 deg. Leo. The lunar month of Makkha reaches the culmination of its energies, on Valentines Day. Directly opposite the Full Moon will be Retrograde Mercury. Thus the Moon and Mercury will be in mutual aspect and exchanging energy.  Mercury is already at a disadvantage due to being retrograde; the energy of the Full Moon is overwhelming. The reasonableness of Mercury will be overcome by the Moon's emotions. Therefore the end of the week is not favorable for making rational decisions. Since Mercury is The Media, news reports will be less than objective.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Mars Enters Libra, Mercury Retrograde Begins

Mars enters Libra on Tuesday, February 4. The planet of Aggression and Combat will be transiting in the sign of Balance and Harmony; not a good fit. Mars will join two other natural malefics already transiting in Libra: Rahu and Saturn. Three of the malefics (planets capable of doing harm) in one sign creates an imbalance in the zodiac. Mars is barely moving, because it will go retrograde on March 1. Mars + Rahu = Action + Obsession. Or, since Rahu is an eclipse point, we get Mars Action + Rahu Confusion. In any case, it is a combination to be wary of. In your own astrology chart, the part of life represented by the house containing Libra will likely encounter difficulties.
Mercury begins a retrograde phase on Thursday, February 6. The planet of Communications, Rational Thinking, Equipment, and Everyday Activity will be going "backwards" in the Heavens for three weeks. Mercury retrograde periods are not devastating, but can certainly be annoying. Mercury goes retrograde @ 9 deg. Aquarius, closely conjunct Neptune @ 10 deg. Aquarius. The planet of Rational Thought, backwards, combining with the planet of Dreams &  Illusions, is not good for reasonable decision making. Therefore this Mercury retrograde period is likely to be more problematic than usual, at least for the first couple of weeks, until Mercury "backs out" of Aquarius on February 18. Mercury will then spend the rest of its retrograde period in Capricorn, until February 28.
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