Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mercury Enters Aquarius, New Moon in Capricorn, Venus Goes Direct

On Sunday, January 26, Mercury enters Aquarius. The planet of Communication, the Intellect, and Ideas, likes being in the Humanitarian Air sign Aquarius. But Mercury will be now associating with Neptune, the planet of Dreams. These two significators are at the opposite ends of the mental spectrum. since Mercury is a malleable planet, it gets influenced by Neptune. Thus there will be more ideas, and talking, about lofty humanitarian ideals, concern for the downtrodden, sacrifice for group goals, etc. President Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday will be an excellent example of this energy pattern.
The New Moon will be on Thursday, January 30, @ 16 deg Capricorn. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month Makkha, named for the nakshatra Magha, in which the Full Moon falls, on February 14th.  Magha is directly connected with kings and rulers, respect and ancestors. So the upcoming month is favorabale for paying one's respects, seeking favors from superiors, distributing patronage, asking for a promotion.
Venus ends its retrograde period on Friday, January 31, @ 19 deg. Sagittarius. The 6 weeks-long retrograde period will be over, and the significations of Venus will gradually return to normal. But, for the next couple of weeks, Venus is within one degree of conjunction with Pluto. This planet is thought to have a Shiva-like quality, i.e., causing complete destruction, followed by rebirth. Therefore the significations of Venus, such as negotiations, coming to agreements, financial markets, etc., can still be in difficulty for a couple of weeks, until Venus starts to put some distance between it and Pluto. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Venus opposite Jupiter

There are no major changes in the zodiac this week.
Venus is closer to exact opposition with Jupiter. Both planets are Retrograde, therefore close to the Earth, and bright in the night sky. Jupiter is visible in the East and overhead through the night; Venus can be seen as "the morning star" just before Sunrise in the East.
Since they are retracing their steps in the Heavens, retrograde planets suggest going back over something, i.e., reworking the past, reconsidering, returning, etc. Additionally, these two planets by being opposite to each other are pitting their significations against each other. Jupiter is Laws and Judges; Venus is Values. Thus the courts keep coming up with decisions that go against what many hold as their values, from limiting marriage to heterosexuals,  to net neutrality. The planetary pattern of Venus opposite Jupiter gets closest to exact at the end of January (within one degree), but continues through most of February. Venus will end its retrograde phase on January 31 @ 19 deg Sagittarius. Jupiter will still be retrograde at 18 deg. Gemini.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Full Moon in Cancer, Mars Square Venus

The Full Moon will be on Wednesday, January 15, @ 1 deg Cancer. This marks the culmination of the energy of the lunar month called Paushya, named for the nakshatra of the full Moon, Pushyami. But this year the Full Moon will not be in Pushyami, but rather the prior nakshatra, Purnavasu. Thus the lunar month is more in line with Purnavasu's energy. Both nakshatras are considered generally favorable, but Purnavasu has the quality of repeating an action, i.e., Starting Over, or: Success on the Second Attempt. 
Mars is exactly square Venus on Thursday, January 16. Mars will be @ 24 deg. Virgo; Venus is retrograde @ 24 deg. Sagittarius. In Vedic Astrology Mars sends a full force aspect 4 signs ahead of itself, i.e., 90 degrees, in the zodiac. This is considered to be an inimical influence. Venus is already suffering due to being retrograde, so the impact of Mars will cause additional problems and distortion for Venus significations. Therefore the coming week is not favorable for Romance, Purchases, Negotiations, Finance, Counsel, etc.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Venus Retrogrades into Sagittarius; Venus Combust

Venus while retrograde will "back into" Sagittarius on Monday, January 6. The planet of Romance, Pleasure, Agreement, Finance, Guidance, etc., which has been retrograde in Capricorn since December 21, will now spend the rest of its retrograde period in Sagittarius. By being in Sagittarius, Venus will be under the influence of several planets. 
Venus will conjunct the Sun, therefore "Combust," for the next 10 days. When a planet gets too close to the Sun, we can't see it. By being within 8 degrees of the Sun, Venus will not be visible. This is considered Bad. Venus is the planet of Guidance, and when it is combust, we are "without guidance." Venus will reappear before sunrise as the "morning star" on January 16. 
While in Sagittarius, Venus will be Opposite Jupiter. Because Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, Venus is strengthened by receiving the energy of its ruler. But Venus-Jupiter interactions usually result in Excess: the planet of Increase (Jupiter) is sending its energy to the planet of Pleasures. Both Jupiter and Venus are retrograde and simultaneously in mutual aspect, an unusual pattern that is likely to produce over-abundance, and not necessarily in a good way.
Venus receives aspects from both Mars and Saturn. Two of the main "malefic" planets are in position to send their influence to Venus. Mars puts out a special 4th house aspect ("square") ahead of itself from its position in Virgo, affecting Venus. Saturn puts out a special full force aspect ("sextile") ahead of itself, also influencing Venus. The two malefics force Venus to manifest some of her negative qualities, such as selfishness, indulgence, vanity, greed, etc. Overall, Venus significations will be, at the least, distorted for the remainder of January.

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