Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mars Opposite Uranus, Venus Retrograde, Mercury Opposite Jupiter

There are no significant changes in the planetary pattern this week, but there are ongoing combinations of planets that are becoming more exact and therefore stronger for producing Events.
Mars is Opposite Uranus, exact on Tuesday, December 24. The same day, the Moon will enter Pisces, and thus join in on the Uranus side of the equation,contributing more energy for an Event. Mars is the planet of Violence; Uranus is the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. There is a strong potential for Dramatic Events right around Christmas.
On December 21st, Venus began its Six weeks-long Retrograde Period. When a planet is in its retrograde phase, it is, so to speak, being held back from Normal Progress in the Heavens. Therefore the significations of that planet get Delayed.
Venus being the planet of Compromise & Agreements, we can expect a Delay in Decisions that require Agreement between parties.
Venus is also the planet of Value, of Worth. When it is retrograde, there is more Doubt about Value.... i.e., What something is Worth, is more difficult to determine. Thus, prices on things which generally have Variability built into them, like Stocks, or Commodities, are more Vulnerable to Changes, during a Venus Retrograde Period.
Parivatana Yoga is now formed between Mercury & Jupiter. Since last June, Jupiter has been transiting in Mercury’s sign Gemini. Now Mercury has moved into Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign. Additionally, both of these signs, and the planets in them, are on Opposite sides of the Zodiac. Therefore Mercury and Jupiter are each sending their energy to the other planet: they are in Mutual Aspect to each other. So for the next few weeks, there is a powerful Relationship between Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury is Data & Facts; Jupiter is Beliefs. The energy pattern pits Facts against Beliefs. Therefore be careful of falling into Arguments during the Holidays.


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