Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Moon conjucnt Mercury & Pluto in Sagittarius, Mars Square New Moon

The New Moon is on Wednesday, January 1st, New Year’s Day, at 16 deg. Sagittarius. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar Month of Pushya, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, Pushyami. Pushyami’s image is the Udder of the Cow. Since the Cow gives of its milk Unselfishly, this is considered a good month for Generosity towards others. Pushyami is associated with the Hindu diety Brihuspati, the guru of the Gods. Therefore this month is good for Religious Initiations, Ceremonies, Higher Studies, etc.
This New Moon is closely conjunct Mercury & Pluto, and will carry the energy of that conjunction through the lunar month, which this year coincides with the calendar month of January. Pluto is considered to have an energy like Shiva: Destruction, but for the purpose of Rebirth. Pluto is thought to work on a societal /generational level. Mercury is the planet of Ideas and Communication. Thus: Transformational Ideas will be a feature of the next four weeks.
Mars will be exactly Squaring the New Moon from its position in Virgo. The planet of Action and Aggression will add in an extra dose of Conflict & Controversy, turning Discussion into Argument. (for more on the New Moon, watch this week's video blog at:, posted on December 29)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mars Opposite Uranus, Venus Retrograde, Mercury Opposite Jupiter

There are no significant changes in the planetary pattern this week, but there are ongoing combinations of planets that are becoming more exact and therefore stronger for producing Events.
Mars is Opposite Uranus, exact on Tuesday, December 24. The same day, the Moon will enter Pisces, and thus join in on the Uranus side of the equation,contributing more energy for an Event. Mars is the planet of Violence; Uranus is the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. There is a strong potential for Dramatic Events right around Christmas.
On December 21st, Venus began its Six weeks-long Retrograde Period. When a planet is in its retrograde phase, it is, so to speak, being held back from Normal Progress in the Heavens. Therefore the significations of that planet get Delayed.
Venus being the planet of Compromise & Agreements, we can expect a Delay in Decisions that require Agreement between parties.
Venus is also the planet of Value, of Worth. When it is retrograde, there is more Doubt about Value.... i.e., What something is Worth, is more difficult to determine. Thus, prices on things which generally have Variability built into them, like Stocks, or Commodities, are more Vulnerable to Changes, during a Venus Retrograde Period.
Parivatana Yoga is now formed between Mercury & Jupiter. Since last June, Jupiter has been transiting in Mercury’s sign Gemini. Now Mercury has moved into Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign. Additionally, both of these signs, and the planets in them, are on Opposite sides of the Zodiac. Therefore Mercury and Jupiter are each sending their energy to the other planet: they are in Mutual Aspect to each other. So for the next few weeks, there is a powerful Relationship between Jupiter and Mercury. Mercury is Data & Facts; Jupiter is Beliefs. The energy pattern pits Facts against Beliefs. Therefore be careful of falling into Arguments during the Holidays.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Full Moon in Gemini, Mercury Enters Sagittarius, Venus Goes Retrograde

Tuesday, December 17, will be the Full Moon, @ 1 deg. Gemini. This marks the Culmination of the Energy of the Hindu Lunar Month Margashiras, named for the nakshatra of the Full Moon, Mrigrashira. The lunar sign Mrigrashira is considered something of a Bohemian.... good for engaging in Light Hearted Activities, Having Fun, Indulging in Pleasures, etc.,.... so it’s appropriate for the Holiday Season.
On Friday, December 20th, Mercury will Change Signs. Mercury leaves Scorpio and Proceeds into Sagittarius. This change breaks up the Parivatana Yoga between Mars and Mercury, since by leaving Mars’s sign Scorpio, Mercury will no longer be exchanging signs with Mars. Mercury in Sagittarius is the Planet of the Intellect in the Sign of Belief. This is somewhat problematic for Mercury, since Sagittarius is an egoic sign, attached to its Own Version of Truth, and not so disposed to the even-handed observation of The Facts. This sets up a conflict between Facts and Dogma. Mercury will be in Sagittarius for the next three weeks.
Venus will go Retrograde on Saturday, December 21, @ 4 degrees Capricorn.   Once a year, for a approximately 40 days, Venus appears to go “backwards” in the zodiac. A planet is Retrograde when it is at its closest to Earth, therefore Bright in the Heavens and therefore Strong for Effects. But although Strong, since the planet is “Backwards” in the Zodiac, it is Not Behaving Normally. The significations of Venus will be Strong, but somewhat Distorted. You can see Venus in the Western Sky, after Sunset, where it appears like the light of an approaching airplane.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Mars Opposite Uranus

There are no major changes in the Zodiac this week.
Mars and Uranus are getting closer to Exact Opposition. Mars is the Energy Planet; it energizes whatever it comes into contact with. Uranus is the planet of Freedom and Rebellion. Various rebellions around the Globe are more Active with this energy pattern.
Mars is the planet of Violence; Uranus indicates Sudden Unexpected Events. Since Uranus is in Pisces, a Water Sign, there is more likelihood of Severe Weather andWater Accidents, during the coming weeks. The exact opposition of Mars to Uranus will be on December 24.
Mars and Mercury are in each other's signs, until December 20. Mars is in Virgo, the sign of Details & Analysis; Mercury is in Scorpio, the sign of Secrets & Investigations. The energy pattern is good for Research, and Revelation of Scandal. 
Venus and Saturn are in each other's signs, until January 6. Venus is in Practical, Sober Capricorn; Saturn is in Balanced, Idealistic Libra. This combination promotes Realism, and could affect the Holiday Buying Season, causing Shoppers to be more Realistic, i.e., Conservative, about making purchases.