Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mercury enters Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio, Venus enters Capricorn

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, Dec. 1. The planet of Data and Information is now in the sign of Secrets & Investigations. Further, Mercury in Scorpio is in a Mars-ruled sign, and is thus in Parivatana Yoga with Mars, which is in Mercury's sign Virgo. Mars is the planet of Action in the sign of Criticism & Analysis; Mercury is the planet of The Media in a sign that Digs Deep. Thus, the coming three weeks will likely see more Investigative reports, Revelations, Scandals, etc.
The New Moon will be on Monday, December 2, @ 16 deg. Scorpio, which begins the Hindu Lunar Month of Margashirsha, named for the nakshatra that the Full Moon falls in, Mrigrashira, on Dec. 16. The energy of the lunar month is generally favorable, good for lighthearted activities, socializing, spiritual initiations, and therefore appropriate for the Holiday Season.
Venus changes signs, moving into Capricorn on Thursday, December 5. While in Saturn's sign, Venus will be in a Parivatana Yoga with Saturn, which is in Venus's sign Libra. Thus the significations of Venus & Saturn will be connected for the next four weeks.
Venus is the planet of Value & Price; Saturn is the planet of Realism & Caution. As the Holiday Buying season begins in earnest, consumers are going to be careful with their money.
Venus is slowing down in the zodiac, as it prepares to go Retrograde on Dec. 21. Planets in their retrograde phase are at their closest to the Earth, therefore bright in the Heavens, therefore strong for Effects. Venus's significations become dominant over the coming weeks. The planet can be plainly seen in the Western Sky after sunset.


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