Saturday, November 02, 2013

New Moon in Libra, Total Solar Eclipse, Jupiter goes Retrograde

The New Moon will be on Sunday, November 3, @ 17 deg. Libra. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month Kartikka. The energy of this month is normally appropriate for Going Forth to Conquer the Enemy, Initiating Big Projects, etc. But this time, the month is severely compromised due to:
The New Moon will be a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are fairly rare events, only happening about 4 times a year (two Lunar & two Solar in an average year), and usually they are partial, i.e., the disc of the Sun, or Moon, is not completely covered by the shadow. A total eclipse is powerful. The Ancients considered eclipses to be Portentous, indicating forthcoming Changes, usually of the unpleasant variety. The event(s) associated with the eclipse can happen days, weeks, even months afterwards, usually when another planet subsequently interacts with the eclipse point. In this case, that planet will be Mercury, as it transits through 17 deg. Libra, on November 21 -22.
This New Moon /Eclipse is closely conjunct Saturn and Retrograde Mercury. Therefore the energy of the month indicates Change to the Established Order, and potential for the Mercury Retrograde significations to linger on through the next four weeks.
Jupiter goes Retrograde on Thursday, November 7, @ 26 deg. Gemini. The planet of Prosperity, Opportunity, and Wisdom will appear to go "backwards" in the zodiac for the next
four months, until March 6. When a planet is in its retrograde phase, it is close to the Earth, therefore Bright in its light, therefore Strong.... but not behaving normally. Although some of Jupiter's material significations (i.e., prosperity) will be held back, other significations will benefit. This is a good time for Gaining Wisdom From the Past (i.e., introspection), and for checking back into Opportunities from the past, i.e., those opportunities that did not initially pan out may be worth a second look.


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