Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mercury enters Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio, Venus enters Capricorn

Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday, Dec. 1. The planet of Data and Information is now in the sign of Secrets & Investigations. Further, Mercury in Scorpio is in a Mars-ruled sign, and is thus in Parivatana Yoga with Mars, which is in Mercury's sign Virgo. Mars is the planet of Action in the sign of Criticism & Analysis; Mercury is the planet of The Media in a sign that Digs Deep. Thus, the coming three weeks will likely see more Investigative reports, Revelations, Scandals, etc.
The New Moon will be on Monday, December 2, @ 16 deg. Scorpio, which begins the Hindu Lunar Month of Margashirsha, named for the nakshatra that the Full Moon falls in, Mrigrashira, on Dec. 16. The energy of the lunar month is generally favorable, good for lighthearted activities, socializing, spiritual initiations, and therefore appropriate for the Holiday Season.
Venus changes signs, moving into Capricorn on Thursday, December 5. While in Saturn's sign, Venus will be in a Parivatana Yoga with Saturn, which is in Venus's sign Libra. Thus the significations of Venus & Saturn will be connected for the next four weeks.
Venus is the planet of Value & Price; Saturn is the planet of Realism & Caution. As the Holiday Buying season begins in earnest, consumers are going to be careful with their money.
Venus is slowing down in the zodiac, as it prepares to go Retrograde on Dec. 21. Planets in their retrograde phase are at their closest to the Earth, therefore bright in the Heavens, therefore strong for Effects. Venus's significations become dominant over the coming weeks. The planet can be plainly seen in the Western Sky after sunset.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mars Enters Virgo, Mercury conjunct Saturn

On Tuesday, November 26, Mars enters Virgo. Normally Mars transits through a sign in 6 or 7 weeks. But this time Mars will be in spending more than 8 months in Virgo, due to going through a Retrograde period from March 1 -May 20, 2014. Mars is now slowing down in its progress in the zodiac, in preparation for its retrograde phase. Retrograde planets are at their closest to the Earth, and therefore Strong. Thus, everyone gets a rather powerful and lengthy dose of Mars energy in the part of their life where Virgo is placed in the natal chart. Mars is the planet of Energy & Action. It is an Activator all by itself. Mars is also the planet of Combat. Virgo is the sign of Details and Analysis. Mars in Virgo is overly concerned with the details, and tends to be Critical of Everything. It is a good combination for Analysis and Logic. Mars will finally exit Virgo in mid-July.
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Mercury is Conjunct Saturn on Monday, November 25, @ 22 deg. Libra. The planet of Rational Thinking meets the Reality-Check Planet. The result is Realistic Decisions and Hard Choices. This transit has been active for the past week, and already produced results in the US Congress in the form of the "Nuclear Option" passed by the Democrats in the Senate. The energy pattern continues this week.
Venus is exactly Opposite Jupiter on Thursday, November 28. The two planets have been in Mutual Aspect all through November. Venus is Value; Jupiter is Increase. Thus, the stock market hit New Highs last week. Venus is also Compromise and Agreement; Jupiter is Hope. When the two planets interact, often we get hoped-for compromise, but no results. The reason is that Venus is in the Willful, Egoic sign Sagittarius, which always sticks to its Own Version of Truth, and doesn't readily compromise. Thus the Negotiations with Afghanistan, with Iran, and at the UN Climate Change Conference, were all unproductive.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Full Moon in Taurus, Mercury Conjunct Rahu

The Full Moon will be Sunday, November 17, @ 1 deg. Taurus. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu Lunar month Karttika, named for the nakshatra that the full Moon falls in, Krittika. Normally this month is considered good for Aggressive Actions, Going Forth to Defeat the Enemy, etc... but this month the energy is compromised because the birth of the month, i.e.,  the New Moon, was a total solar eclipse.
Mercury will be exactly conjunct Rahu, at 13 deg. Libra, on Tuesday, November 19. Since Mercury is an easily influenced planet, this planetary pattern emphasizes the qualities of Rahu. Mercury is the Rational Mind, therefore Thinking, Ideas, Explanations, etc. Rahu is a Demon in Vedic Mythology. Thus: Obsessed Thinking, Confused Ideas, Toxic Explanations.  Mercury is also the planet of Communications, therefore The Media. Since Rahu also represents Modern Technology, a lot of the manifestation of this combination will come through The Media. The energy pattern will continue through the week.
Mercury passes through the Nov. 3 eclipse point on Friday, November 22. The planet of The Intellect, Communication, Business Transactions, The Media, etc., will transit 17 deg Libra this week. An eclipse creates a "pothole" in the zodiac. A planet that transits through an eclipse point suffers. Along with the problems of Mercury conjunct Rahu, this occurrence further damages the significations of Mercury for this coming week.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct

Mercury Returns to Direct Motion on Sunday, November 10. The three weeks of Mercury's Retrograde period comes to an end, and the planet resumes normal forward motion in the zodiac. Mercury is Stationary at 8 deg. Libra for a couple of days. Stationary planets are especially strong. Then slowly Mercury will get back up to speed and start moving normally. While the planet "turns around" and gets back up to speed, the problems of Mercury Retrograde can still linger for a week or so. Therefore, the usual precautions should be observed: careful of communications, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, etc.
Mercury is approaching Rahu, the exact conjunction will be November 18. This combination can also be similar to retrograde effects: Rahu is an eclipse point, and can Obscure the normal operation of a planet that it comes into contact with. Rahu also has the quality of Obsession. Therefore Mercury + Rahu = Obsessive Thinking.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

New Moon in Libra, Total Solar Eclipse, Jupiter goes Retrograde

The New Moon will be on Sunday, November 3, @ 17 deg. Libra. This marks the beginning of the Hindu Lunar month Kartikka. The energy of this month is normally appropriate for Going Forth to Conquer the Enemy, Initiating Big Projects, etc. But this time, the month is severely compromised due to:
The New Moon will be a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are fairly rare events, only happening about 4 times a year (two Lunar & two Solar in an average year), and usually they are partial, i.e., the disc of the Sun, or Moon, is not completely covered by the shadow. A total eclipse is powerful. The Ancients considered eclipses to be Portentous, indicating forthcoming Changes, usually of the unpleasant variety. The event(s) associated with the eclipse can happen days, weeks, even months afterwards, usually when another planet subsequently interacts with the eclipse point. In this case, that planet will be Mercury, as it transits through 17 deg. Libra, on November 21 -22.
This New Moon /Eclipse is closely conjunct Saturn and Retrograde Mercury. Therefore the energy of the month indicates Change to the Established Order, and potential for the Mercury Retrograde significations to linger on through the next four weeks.
Jupiter goes Retrograde on Thursday, November 7, @ 26 deg. Gemini. The planet of Prosperity, Opportunity, and Wisdom will appear to go "backwards" in the zodiac for the next
four months, until March 6. When a planet is in its retrograde phase, it is close to the Earth, therefore Bright in its light, therefore Strong.... but not behaving normally. Although some of Jupiter's material significations (i.e., prosperity) will be held back, other significations will benefit. This is a good time for Gaining Wisdom From the Past (i.e., introspection), and for checking back into Opportunities from the past, i.e., those opportunities that did not initially pan out may be worth a second look.