Saturday, October 26, 2013

Retrograde Mercury conjunct Saturn; Venus Enters Sagittarius

Mercury is Exactly Conjunct Saturn on Tuesday October 29, @ 19 deg. Libra. Now that the planet is retrograde, Mercury's significations are already experiencing delay and obstruction. Saturn also represents Delay. Therefore Communications, Using Equipment, and Everyday Operations are likely to be very frustrating during the next few days.
Mercury is also the planet of Rational Decisions. Retrograde = Going Back Over the Past. Saturn is the planet of Responsibility. Thus: Having to Take Responsibility for Past Actions.
Venus Enters Sagittarius on Wednesday, October 30. The planet of Love, Relationship, Pleasures, Guidance, etc. will be in the sign of Beliefs and Philosophies for the month of November. Venus is in Jupiter's sign, and simultaneously in Mutual Aspect with Jupiter, which is transiting on the other side of the zodiac, in the sign Gemini. Thus Venus will be in Sambanda , a Relationship, with Jupiter. Jupiter is Increase, Venus is Pleasures. The result can be Too Much of a Good Thing, leading to Indulgence, Expense, Waste, and Dissipation.
The exact opposition between the two planets will be in the last week of November.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mercury Goes Retrograde, Mars Opposite Neptune

Mercury enters a Retrograde Period on Monday, October 21, @ 24 deg. Libra. Mercury will appear to go "backwards" in the Zodiac for the next three weeks, until November 10. Mercury Retrograde periods are well known for causing problems in Everyday Actions. The significations of Mercury suffer.
Communications are Delayed, Misinterpreted, and/ or Misunderstood. Therefore check to make sure the message got through; that what was intended was what got heard. Letters and deliveries experience more delay than usual.
Mercury is Equipment: equipment failure is more frequent under Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is the planet of Business Transactions. Therefore be careful when paying for anything: Count your Change, etc. Mercury is the planet of Signatures: best to not sign anything during these weeks, and if it can't be avoided, read the fine print carefully.
Mercury Retrograde is Good for some things: Paying Past Bills, Replying to Past Correspondence, Getting Back in Touch, Editing and Rewriting, Making Repairs, Cleaning Out the Closet.
Mars is Exactly Opposite Neptune, Sunday, Oct. 19 -20.  The planet of Actions opposite the planet of Dreams and Illusions is not favorable for Actions in general. This planetary pattern has been going on for the past couple of weeks, and is strong this week. The quality of Mars opposite Neptune adds to the potential problems from Mercury Retrograde, although the two patterns are not directly interacting with each other.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sun enters Libra, Full Moon in Aries, Lunar Eclipse, Mars opposite Neptune

The Sun enters Libra on Wednesday, October 16. The Sun is debilitated in this sign, i.e., weakened. The Sun will also have to combine with planets already transiting in Libra: Rahu, Saturn, and Mercury. Saturn and the Sun are enemies; Rahu is an eclipse point. Therefore the significations of the Sun will be suffering over the coming weeks: Use of Power and Authority, Government Functions, etc.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, October 18, @ 1 deg. Aries. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu lunar month of Asvini, considered an Auspicious month for New Beginnings. Since the Full Moon is at the first degree of the zodiac, it has special significations for starting new ventures, and for spiritual practices.
This Full Moon will be a Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will not be is an Annular eclipse, i.e., the shadow of the Earth will not completely cover the disc of the Moon.
Mars will be Exactly Opposite Neptune on Saturday, October 19. The planet of Actions is being influenced by the planet of the Irrational this week. Therefore Actions tend to get screwed up or result in  Unintended Consequences. Best to use extra care, and expect problems regardless. Since Mars is in Leo, the sign of Kings, Leaders, and Governments, and the Sun, ruler of Leo will be debilitated, governments will continue to experience problems and dysfunction.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Mars Enters Leo, Mars Opposite Neptune, Mars Square Venus, Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Mars enters Leo on Saturday, October 5. The planet of Energy & Action leaves Cancer, its sign of debilitation, and moves into the Sun's sign. Mars is happy in Leo. This it the planet of Action in the sign of Rulers and Governments.
While in Leo, Mars will be opposite to and influenced by Neptune. The planet of Dreams and Illusions influencing the planet of Action is not good... especially considering the Actions of Government. Thus the situation with the US government shutdown is not likely to be resolved very soon. The exact opposition of Mars and Neptune is on Oct. 19. Mars will be in Leo until November 26.
Mars re-establishes a Square Aspect to Venus, now in Scorpio. The aspect is only a few degrees from exact at the beginning of the week, but becomes less exact as the faster-moving Venus pulls ahead later in the week. The significations of Venus will suffer some, such as achieving Agreement. Thus, another planetary combination which does not help resolve the current governmental dilemma.
Mercury is Conjunct Saturn, exact on Tuesday, October 8, @ 16 deg. Libra. The planet of Rational Thinking is conjunct the planet of Control and Delay. The result is Obstinate Thinking. Again, not a good combination for coming to compromise and resolving issues. This combination is further plagued by Rahu, the significator of Desire and Obsession, which is only a few degrees away from the Saturn-Mercury conjunction. Thus: Thinking which is both Obstinate and Obsessed. All of this is happening in the 11th house of the USA chart, the sector of the chart that indicates Congress.