Saturday, September 28, 2013

Venus enters Scorpio, New Moon in Virgo, Mercury conjunct Rahu

Venus enters Scorpio on Wednesday, October 2. The planet of Love, Art, Relationship, Pleasures, etc. will spend nearly the entire month of October in the Sign of Passions, Secrets, Psychology, and Inspiration. The effects are similar to Venus having a conjunction with Mars. Generally, this combination leads to Excessive Behavior, Over-the-top Indulgence, Persuasion verging on Pressure, etc. The situation for Venus gets exacerbated a few days later when Mars moves into Leo, thereby renewing the Mars-Square-Venus pattern.
The New Moon will be on Friday, October 4, @ 17 deg. Virgo. The Hindu Lunar month of Asvina begins, named for the lunar sign of the Full Moon, Ashvini, which will be on Oct. 19. The month takes on the qualities of Ashvini, and is therefore good for Healing, Travel, and Auspicious New Beginnings.
Mercury will be conjunct Rahu this week. The exact conjunction is Saturday, October 5, @ 13 deg Libra. The planet of Rational Thought, Ideas, and Reasons teams up with the significator of Obsession and Obfuscation in Libra, the sign of Idealism. Saturn, signifying Obstinacy, is also close by. It's a recipe for everyone being Obsessed with their own Thinking. Not good for Compromise. Just in time for another Budget Crisis on Capitol Hill.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mercury enters Libra, Mars Square Venus, Jupiter Trine Venus

Mercury enters Libra on Tuesday, September 24. The planet of Rational Thinking in the Sign of Agreement and Compromise sounds like a Good Thing. And it would be, except that Mercury has to contend with Two Malefics, Saturn and Rahu, that are also transiting in Libra. Mercury plus Rahu is the planet of Ideas + the planet of Obsession = Becoming Obsessed with your Ideas. Mercury plus Saturn is Thinking + Endurance = Stubborn Adherence to your Thoughts. Although Libra is about achieving Harmony, it is also the sign of Idealism.  The result is a People Holding Onto Their Own Version of Idealism. On top of this, add the square aspect of Mars, which just creates More Pressure. Not a good recipe for Compromise.... just in time for the Budget Showdown in Congress.
Venus while in Libra will be exactly Squared by Mars on Friday, September 27. Mars is still sending its Malefic 4th house aspect from its position in Cancer until it leaves Cancer on October 5. Mars will be @ 25 deg. Cancer, and Venus @ 25 deg Libra, at the end of the week. This is problematic for the significations of Venus: Agreement, Love, Value, Finance, Harmony, etc.
Jupiter is Trine to Venus this week; exact on Thursday, Sept. 26. Jupiter sends its energy to the 5th sign ahead of itself. This is a benefic aspect, and might help to mitigate the malefic affects of Mars. The question is, How Beneficial is Jupiter from the Intellectual Sign Gemini? Lots of Big Ideas and Big Talk, but not capable of Actual Accomplishment. Also: Jupiter's Encouragement of Venus & Libra's Idealism may just encourage everyone to Stick to Their Guns.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mercury Opposite Uranus, Venus conjunct Rahu & Saturn, Full Moon in Pisces

Mercury will be Exactly Opposite Uranus on Monday, September 16. Mercury will be @ 17 deg. Virgo, with Uranus @ 17 deg. Pisces. The planet of  Data, Communication, and The Media, continues to be influenced by the planet of Sudden Surprising Events. Over the past week certainly there have been many surprising events. That energy pattern continues during the coming week.
Venus is Exactly conjunct Rahu and Saturn on Wednesday, September 18. All three will be right on top of each other @ 14 deg. Libra. In Vedic Astrology, Venus, Rahu, and Saturn are all considered "Friends." But planets don't like being all together in the same degree. Rahu tends to distort the meaning of whatever it comes into contact with. Rahu and Saturn, the planet of Established Order, have been causing all sorts of Crisis in the world lately. Now Venus the planet of Value, Harmony, Beauty, and Romance gets involved. The significations of Venus are likely to suffer in some ways. This could lead to Difficulty with Agreements, Volatile Financial Markets, Problems in the Romance Dept., etc.
The Full Moon will be on Thursday, September 19, @ 2 deg. Pisces. This marks the culmination of the energies of the Hindu Lunar Month of Bhadrapada. The symbol for this lunar sign is the funeral cot. Therefore it is associated with major changes and extreme events. The month of Bhadrapada has a reputation for unpleasant occurrences (9-11, Hurricane Katrina, 2008 Financial Meltdown, etc.)
Overall, the energy of the coming week is suspect; best to stick to routine actions.
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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Mars Square Saturn, Mercury Opposite Uranus

Mars will be exactly Square to Saturn on Monday, September 9. This aspect has been forming for the past three weeks. Mars will be @ 13 deg. Cancer, and Saturn @ 13 deg. Libra. In Vedic Astrology, both of these planets have special full-force aspects: Mars throws its energy to the 4th sign ahead of itself; Saturn throws its energy into the 10th sign ahead of itself. The two planets are therefore in Mutual Aspect. Mars demands Action and Fast Results; Saturn is the planet of Control and Delay. This results in a high level of Tension, Frustration, etc.
The interaction between Mars and Saturn is complicated by the influence of other factors. Rahu, the north node of the Moon (one of the eclipse points) is within one degree of exact conjunction with Saturn. The Saturn-Rahu combination is the energy of Transformation (Rahu) applied to the planet of Stability and Established Order. (more analysis available on the video blog: AstrologyNewsReport)
Mars is now at the Midpoint between Rahu and Ketu. A planet transiting the midpoint between the two nodes comes under a great deal of Stress. Mars is already under stress due to being in its sign of debilitation, Cancer. Add to this the pressure exerted by the aspect of Saturn, which is trying to restrict Mars. Significations of Mars will therefore suffer during the coming days, i.e., getting anything going will be an Uphill Battle. Therefore important endeavors should be postponed, at least a couple of weeks, until the aspect is less exact. Mars will be "in the clear" when it exits Cancer on October 5.
The Moon enters Libra on Sunday, September 8. The Moon will add additional Activation to the Mars-Saturn-Rahu combination. The Moon will be exactly conjunct Saturn and Rahu on Monday, September 9.
On Tuesday, September 10, Moon will enter Scorpio, the sign ruled by Mars. Therefore the Moon and Mars will be in Parivatana Yoga, i.e., in each other's signs. Tuesday and Wednesday are therefore also portentous for negative events.
Mercury and Uranus are in Opposition this week and next. Mercury is now in Virgo, its own sign, therefore strong. Uranus is opposite @ 17 deg. Pisces. The planet of Eccentricity and Rebellion, Uranus, is influencing the planet of Rational Thinking, Mercury. This results in Radical Thinking. Mercury is also the planet of The Media, plus Uranus the planet of Unexpected Events. Therefore the likelihood of some Unexpected News Reports. The opposition will be exact on Sunday, Sept. 15.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

New Moon in Leo, Mercury enters Virgo, Venus enters Libra

A number of celestial events happen this week:
The New Moon will be on Thursday, September 5, @ 19 deg. Leo. This begins the Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada, named for the nakshatra that the Full Moon falls in on Sept. 19. This lunar month has a bad reputation: a lot of unpleasant events have occurred in the month of Bhadrapada. A short list: the Start of World War II, the 9-11 event, Hurricane Katrina, the 2008 Financial Meltdown.
Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday, September 5. Mercury leaves Leo, where it has been influenced by Neptune for nearly three weeks, and enters its own sign Virgo. The significations of Mercury improve: Better Communications, Reasonable Discussions, Clearer Thinking. But, not all is well: while in Virgo, Mercury will be opposed by Uranus, which is transiting on the other side of the Heavens in Pisces.
The planet of the Rational Mind will be influenced by the planet of Rebellion and Radicals. This results in Extreme Ideas.
Venus enters Libra, also on Thursday, September 5. Venus leaves its sign of debilitation, Virgo, and enters its own sign, Libra. Ordinarily this would mean that the significations of Venus (Harmony, Agreement, Sociability, etc.) would improve. But unfortunately, Venus is not alone in Libra: two of the main malefics, Saturn and Rahu, are already in this sign. Additionally a third malefic, Mars, is sending its inimical square aspect to Libra and the planets therein. So Venus, although normally favorable in its own sign, will be influenced by negative energy, which will bring out the lower side of Venus: Selfishness, Vanity, Indulgence, etc. The significations of Venus, such as coming to agreement, will also suffer.
Mars Square Saturn: This aspect has been forming over the past two weeks, and becomes exact this coming weekend. Mars throws its energy full-force 4 signs ahead from its position in Cancer to the sign Libra, where Saturn is transiting. Saturn throws its energy full-force 10 signs ahead to Cancer where Mars is transiting. The two planets are thus in Mutual Aspect. It is a difficult combination, compounded by the fact that Mars will simultaneously be at the mid-point of the Rahu-Ketu axis. The energy pattern creates a lot of Tension, Frustration, Anger, etc. and has potential for Dramatic, even Violent Events. More discussion on this is available on our new video blog: 
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