Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mercury opposite Neptune, Sun opposite Neptune, Venus opposite Uranus

There are no major changes in the Sidereal Zodiac this week.
Mercury is in Leo, and will be Exactly Opposite Neptune on Sunday, August 25. The Sun in Leo will be directly opposite Neptune on Monday, August 26. Mercury is the Planet of  Reasons & Explanations in Leo, the sign of Leaders and Governments. The Sun also represents Leaders and Governments. Neptune is the planet of Dreams, in Aquarius, the sign of Social Conscience. Neptune is Irrational; Mercury is Rational. Neptune's influence on Mercury thus creates Confusion in the minds of Governments, while simultaneously giving the Social Idealists more Reasons. One current example is the inability of Leaders to come up with an appropriate response to the horror in Syria.
Venus is exactly opposite Uranus on Monday, August 26. The planet of Love, Relationship, Agreements, Entertainment, Finance, etc. is influenced by the planet of Sudden Unexpected Events. This combination can show up as Surprise Events in any of the Venus significations. One recent example is the casting choice of Ben Affleck as the new Batman.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury Enters Leo

The Full Moon will be on Tuesday, August 20, @ 4 deg Aquarius. This marks the culmination of the energy of the lunar month Sravana. But this year the Full Moon will occur in the following nakshatra, Dhanishta. Therefore the lunar month has more of the attributes of Dhanishta. This lunar sign is symbolized by Shiva's Drum, therefore: "Being an Instrument of God." The protests in Egypt are an obvious example.
Also on August 20, Mercury will enter Leo. The planet of Rational Thinking, Reasons, and Communications will be in the sign of Kings, Leaders, and Governments for about three weeks. Although it is not a bad placement, this time Mercury will be opposed by Neptune, which is in Aquarius, on the opposite side of the Zodiac. Thus we have the planet of The Rational receiving the influence of the planet of Dreams and the Irrational. Although this may be good for the creative imagination, it doesn't help in discussions and negotiations, especially since the planet of Compromise, Venus, is now debilitated (see previous post). The exact opposition of Mercury and Neptune will be on Sunday, August 25.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Venus enters Virgo, Venus opposite Uranus

Venus goes into Virgo on Sunday, August 11. Virgo is Venus's sign of debilitation, i.e., Venus significations are weakened in this sign. The reason for this seems to be that since Venus is the planet of Love, and Virgo is the sign of Discriminating Analysis, the two don't "fit" that well. Venus in Virgo can magnify some of the downside of Venus, which is Selfishness. Instead of self-dissolving love, we get self-absorption, self-satisfaction, vanity, etc. Other significations of Venus may not suffer so much. Venus is the planet of the Creative Arts, and Virgo is Skillful, so there can be more refinement, more quality, in the artistic fields. Venus will be in Virgo for nearly 4 weeks, until September 5.
While in Virgo, Venus is opposed by Uranus. The planet of Sudden Unexpected Events, Inspiration, Enlightenment, etc. is now at 17 degrees Pisces. Venus and Uranus will be in Mutual Aspect, i.e., influencing each other. The results can vary from Sudden Infatuation to Inspired Creativity. Uranus has a rebellious quality about it which may emphasize the debilitated Venus tendency towards selfishness. Venus and Uranus will be exactly opposite each other on August 28.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Mercury in Cancer, New Moon in Cancer

Mercury enters Cancer on Sunday, August 4. After spending over two months in Gemini (since late May), Mercury is finally moving on in the zodiac. Mercury is the planet of Rational Thought, and Cancer is an Emotion-based Water Sign. Therefore this is not a good position for Mercury; the emotions will prevail over the intellect. But it's a short transit; just two weeks. Mercury will leave Cancer on August 20.
The New Moon will be on Tuesday, August 6, @ 20 deg. Cancer. This begins the Hindu lunar month Sravana, named for the nakshatra (lunar sign) of the Full Moon, which in most years would be in that sign. But this year the Full Moon (on August 20) will be in Dhanishta nakshatra. Although normally considered a favorable month, this year the energy of the month is somewhat compromised due to the New Moon occurring at the midpoint of the Rahu-Ketu axis, i.e., Square to the nodes. This position is considered unfavorable, and adds an element of Stress to the coming lunar month.
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