Saturday, July 13, 2013

Venus enters Leo, Mercury goes Direct, Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Venus will enter Leo on Wednesday, July 17. The planet of Love, Art, Beauty, Sociability, Finance, & Guidance enters the sign of The King. Venus is an enemy of the Sun, which rules Leo, so Venus is not completely comfortable in this sign. Some of the Lower Qualities of Venus may come out: Selfishness, Indulgence in Sensuality, Avarice, etc. On the plus side, Leo is associated with the arts, especially Entertainment, Theater, Film, etc., as is Venus. Also, Leo is the sign of Rulers, and Venus is Advisers.
While in Leo, Venus will be in mutual aspect to Neptune, on the other side of the zodiac in Aquarius. Neptune represents the Non-rational, the Imagination, so this could be good for Creativity.
Mercury Ends its Retrograde Period on Saturday, July 20, @ 19 deg. Gemini. Finally, after three weeks of being "backwards", the planet of Communications and Rational Thinking returns to normal forward motion in the zodiac.But it takes a week or so for Mercury to get "back up to speed," so the effects of Mercury Retrograde can still linger nearly to the end of the month. Therefore it is in important to remain vigilant regarding Communications with others, to make sure what was intended was what was heard, etc.
Mars is Conjunct Jupiter this week and next. The exact conjunction will be on Monday, July 22, @ 11 deg. Gemini. The planet of Truth, Belief, and Justice is combined with the planet of Action, Force, Impatience, and Combat. This is happening in the Cerebral Sign of Gemini. The tendency is for Forceful Expression of One's Beliefs, and in the Dual Sign Gemini, there is sure to be an opposing viewpoint. Careful re Arguments, a Rush to Judgement, Taking Risks, Etc.


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