Friday, July 19, 2013

Mars Conjunct Jupiter, Full Moon in Capricorn, Venus Opposite Neptune

Mars is exactly conjunct Jupiter @ 11 degrees Gemini on Sunday, July 21. The energy of Mars is for Combat; the energy of Jupiter is Truth & Belief, and Gemini is the sign of Duality. The pattern promotes Argument, and Fighting, over competing versions of Truth. This has been manifest in world events over the past week, and will continue during this coming week while the two planets are close together in the Heavens.
Jupiter's energy of Expansion and Optimism encourages Mars the planet of Action. The result can be Excess Optimism, leading to Expectation, Risky Behavior, Biting off More than you can Chew. Therefore any new activity needs to be carefully considered this week before jumping in.
The Full Moon will be on Monday, July 22, @ 6 deg. Capricorn. This is the culmination of the Hindu lunar month of Ashada. Although it is thought to be a good month for beginnings, the energy of Ashada this year was spoiled by the month starting out with Mercury Retrograde the New Moon. Mercury is now back to Direct Motion, so perhaps the 2nd half of the month will fair better than the first half.
Venus will be exactly opposite Neptune on Friday July 26. The planet of Love, Art, Finance, Pleasures, Entertainment, etc. will be exchanging energy with the planet of Dreams, Imagination, Illusion, etc. Mostly it encourages Idealism, but there can also be Lack of Realism and even Deception in Love & Romance, Financial Sector, Celebrities, etc.


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