Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Trio in Gemini

There are no substantial changes in the zodiac this coming week.
The Trio in Gemini continues: Jupiter as Excess + Venus as Entertainment + Mercury as The Media, in the sign of Ideas, Novelty, Duplicity, Debate, Mental Stimulation, etc. Gemini is basically Unstable, Changeable, Fickle, Unreliable.
Thus the coming week promises to be an interesting week for Media Events, Mind Candy, Titillation, Celebrity News, Frivolous Reports, and Discussions that go Nowhere.
The Sun enters Gemini on Friday and adds its power to the Jupiter-Venus-Mercury combination. Sun will be within 4 degrees of Jupiter = Jupiter in Deep Combustion. Some of the material significations of Jupiter will suffer. Jupiter signifies Prosperity, so Banking and Bonds may take a hit during the coming week.


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