Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mars Enters Gemini

Mars will leave Taurus and enter Gemini on Thursday, July 4. The energy of the planet of Aggression and Combat is not compatible with the Cerebral Consensus-oriented sign Gemini. Therefore this transit is apt to cause Trouble. Mars is fast-acting, and Gemini does jump around from one idea to the next. But the result produces little of benefit, and is prone to making mistakes. Mars in Gemini is produces Arguments.
Mercury is Retrograde, at the end of Gemini, while Mars enters Mercury's sign: The combination of Mars and Mercury is good for Fast Thinking, but with Mercury disadvantaged by being Retrograde, the results are even more prone to Error. Thus the addition of Mars in the sign Gemini will exacerbate the already problematic outcomes of the Mercury Retrograde Period (see previous post).
Mars conjunct natal Mars in the USA chart: The USA chart has its natal Mars in the first degree of the sign Gemini, in the 7th house. The USA is currently in a Mars Major Period, i.e. its natal Mars is "turned on."As soon as Mars enters Gemini it will be conjunct the USA natal Mars. This happens on July 4. There is a strong potential for a Mars-type event, i.e., something Violent, other than just Fireworks, on the national holiday. Over the next several weeks, Mars will be opposite the USA Ascendant, and in contact with 4 of the USA natal planets. The setup is for a lot of Action, Dramatic Events, potential Violence.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Mercury goes Retrograde

The Full Moon will be on Sunday, June 23, @ 8 deg. Sagittarius. This is a strong Full Moon, in the lunar sign Mula, known for Extreme Events, and Destruction. The Moon will be opposite to its dispositor, Jupiter, which is across the Heavens in Gemini. This Full Moon is also nearly conjunct the Ascendant Degree of the USA chart.  There is potential for some significant event connected with the United States on Sunday and Monday.
Mercury begins a Retrograde Period on Wednesday, June 26. The planet of Rational Thinking, Communications, Decisions, etc., will appear to be going "in reverse" for the next three weeks, until July 20. Mercury turns retrograde while in the last degree of Gemini, and backs up to 19 deg. Gemini before it resumes forward motion again. The usual problems indicated for Mercury Retrograde periods are: Delays in Communications, Misunderstandings, Misinterpretations, Equipment Malfunctions, People seem Less Rational. Therefore: Check to make sure the message got through, Make sure what was heard was what was intended, and make allowances for Delays and Mistakes. Mercury rules Business Transactions and Signatures: careful of anything concerning finances; best not to sign anything during Mercury Retrograde.
Mercury Retrograde periods are Better for going back over things: Editing or Revising a Report, Paying past Bills, Dealing with Past Correspondence, Returning something.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Venus Conjunct Mercury, Summer Solstice, Venus enters Cancer, Jupiter Combust

Venus conjunct Mercury this week: Mercury has been slowing down in its progress through the zodiac as it prepares to go Retrograde. Venus catches up to Mercury and passes it this week; the exact conjunction will be Thursday June 20 @ 27 deg. Gemini. 
Normally, Venus conjunct Mercury is considered a good combination: good for Negotiations and Agreements, Reasonable Discussions, etc. But this time it’s a bit different:
Venus, as the ruler of Libra where Saturn and Rahu are transiting, receives their combined energies. Mars, another of the Main Malefics in Vedic Astrology, is transiting in Taurus, and it too has its energy transferred to Venus. Thus Venus is actually carrying the energy of 3 Malefic Planets, which explains why the combination in Gemini is not as benefic as it looks.

Venus changes signs, and enters Cancer, Saturday June 22:
The Planet of Love and Agreement in the Sign of Emotional Support and Feelings. Venus becomes subject to the rulership of The Moon.
This produces an Emphasis on Comfort and Indulgence, or a sort of Head-in-the-Sand scenario, i.e., don’t tell be about the Bad Stuff.
It’s also a combination that produces Sympathy: planet of Love in the sign of Mother.
Venus will be in Cancer until July 17.

The Summer Solstice will be on Friday, June 21:
The Sun reaches its furthest point from the Celestial Equator; producing The Longest Day (in the Northern Hemisphere), and now “turns around” and start heading back in the other direction towards the 'South.' ( If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it's the reverse.)

In Vedic Astrology this is called a Sankranti, an Ingress. It's a Transition, and therefore Unstable, i.e., avoid doing anything really important for three days on either side of the Solstice, from Wednesday through Sunday.

Jupiter enters into Deep Combustion this Week.  
The exact conjunction is Wednesday June 19 @ 4 deg Gemini. When a planet is combust its Material Significations can Suffer.  Jupiter is the planet of Prosperity, it signifies Banks and Banking, Bonds, Major Assets, etc., any of which might take a hit this week.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Trio in Gemini

There are no substantial changes in the zodiac this coming week.
The Trio in Gemini continues: Jupiter as Excess + Venus as Entertainment + Mercury as The Media, in the sign of Ideas, Novelty, Duplicity, Debate, Mental Stimulation, etc. Gemini is basically Unstable, Changeable, Fickle, Unreliable.
Thus the coming week promises to be an interesting week for Media Events, Mind Candy, Titillation, Celebrity News, Frivolous Reports, and Discussions that go Nowhere.
The Sun enters Gemini on Friday and adds its power to the Jupiter-Venus-Mercury combination. Sun will be within 4 degrees of Jupiter = Jupiter in Deep Combustion. Some of the material significations of Jupiter will suffer. Jupiter signifies Prosperity, so Banking and Bonds may take a hit during the coming week.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

New Moon in Taurus, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in Gemini

The New Moon will be on Saturday, June 8, @ 24 deg. Taurus. This begins the Hindu Lunar Month of Jyesthta, named for the nakshatra Jyeshtha, the lunar sign where the Full Moon normally would fall during this time of the year. But this year is different: the Full Moon (on June 23) will be in Mula, in Sagittarius. Thus the lunar month will take on more of the qualities of Mula, which is one of the "extreme" nakshatras, known for Radical Changes. The New Moon will be accompanied by Mars, planet of Action and War, which further suggests a rather rambunctious month.
Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are now all in Gemini, putting a special emphasis on this sign for the next three weeks while these three planets are all riding along together . The sign Gemini is one of the signs owned by Mercury, planet of the Thinking Mind. Like the mind, Gemini is inherently Unstable. Mercury and Gemini are particularly fond of Ideas, Information, Debate for its own sake, Novelty, Change, Excitement. Mercury and Gemini are associated with The Media. Jupiter = increase, Venus = Pleasures. So the next three weeks will be filled with Exaggerated Media Stories, Over-the-top Reactions, Disinformation for the sake of Entertainment, etc.
In the chart of the USA, there are 4 natal planets in Gemini: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. These planets give the USA its clearly Gemini quality. Gemini is the most Dual of the zodiacal signs. Thus the dual nature of this country, where agreement on anything seems nearly impossible. The three-planet transit that occurs in Gemini over the coming weeks affects the 7th house of the USA natal chart, and all the natal planets therein. The 7th house of a country's chart is the house of Partner Countries, Foreign Policy, and Direct Enemies. There will be a lot of Events in this area during the coming weeks.