Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter Conjunct and Changing Signs

Three Planets Change Signs This Week, While Simultaneously Conjunct With Each Other. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all on top of each other at the last degrees of Taurus.When Planets are exactly conjunct it is called Graha Yuda: Planetary War. When planets are changing signs it is an inherently unstable situation. The coming week will likely be Variable and Confusing, and therefore Not Favorable for beginning any important new endeavors. However, once the initial transition period is over, the new energy combination of these three planets will be generally good.
Mercury enters Gemini on Monday May 27. The planet of Rational Thinking, Intellect, Communications, Business Transactions, etc., enters its own sign, which is good for all Mercury Significations.  Mercury usually zips through a sign in three weeks, but this time it will remain in Gemini for over two months, because Mercury will go all the way through Gemini, and then turn retrograde on June 26, then back up through Gemini for three weeks, go back to direct motion on July 20, and pass through Gemini a third time before finally exiting on August 4. Therefore the significations of Gemini get a lot of emphasis for the next two months.
Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday May 29. The planet of Romance and Agreement does fairly well in the sign of Cleverness and Diplomacy, especially while accompanied by its friend Mercury. Diplomacy, Negotiations, Communications, and Trade all benefit. Venus will be in Gemini for 3-1/2 weeks, until June 22.
Jupiter enters Gemini on Friday May 31. The planet of Increase, Faith, Wisdom, Prosperity, etc. will express  its positive energies through the Gemini qualities of Curiosity, Processing Information, Learning, etc.
Jupiter's energy of Expansion adds fuel to Gemini's need for Intellectual Novelty, initiating a year of Inventions, Literary Works, Entertainment, etc. Jupiter together with Mercury in Gemini for the next 2 months is the planet of Expansion + planet of Thinking = Big Ideas. Jupiter will remain in Gemini for over a year, until the middle of June 2014.
In your own Astrology Chart: find the House containing the sign Gemini. The significations of this house and any natal planets within or opposite in the sign Sagittarius, will get added emphasis, mostly beneficial, during the coming weeks, and even for the next twelve months while the great benefic Jupiter is transiting here.


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