Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mars Enters Taurus, Scorpio Full Moon

Mars enters Taurus on Wednesday, May 22. The planet of Energy, Action, Aggression, and Violence leaves its own sign Aries and enters the sign of the Bull. By moving into Taurus Mars joins up with Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Too many planets in one part of the zodiac creates an Imbalance. Mars raises the intensity level. Mars + Sun = Power; Mars + Venus = Passion; Mars + Mercury = Argument; Mars + Jupiter = Excess. The combination in Taurus continues for until the more advanced planets begin moving out of Taurus, beginning with Mercury on May 27.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, May 24, @ 10 deg Scorpio. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Vaishaka. But this year the Full Moon is in the lunar sign Anuradha. Either way, the energy is for Accomplishment. This Full Moon will be Opposite the train wreck of planets in Taurus, making the end of the week a time of Extremes. Not a good week for beginning anything important.
The Importance of Venus is increased due to so many planets being in Venus-ruled signs. Besides the 5 planets in Taurus (including Venus itself) there is also Saturn and Rahu in Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus. Thus Venus becomes the Final Dispositor of most of what is going on in the Heavens for the next week. Venus significations will be heavily impacted.
(For more discussion of the implications of the combination in Taurus, listen to this week's podcast, posted Monday, May 20)


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