Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mars Conjunct Ketu, Mercury enters Taurus, Mars Conjunct Eclipse Degree

Mars will be exactly conjunct Ketu on Sunday, May 12, @ 22 deg. Aries. This is a problematic conjunction,  bringing together the planet of Action and Violence with the significator of Past Actions. I.e., the past karma comes up in your face and can explode with a Vengeance. Both Mars and Ketu have a fiery nature, and the conjunction is happening in the Fire Sign, Aries. This energy pattern has been building for the past several days. An example event would be the recent hearings in Congress re the Benghazi attack, and the revelations brought forth in the hearing. The elections in Pakistan provide another example of the Violence of Mars meeting the Unresolved Past of Ketu.
Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday, May 12. The planet of Rational Thinking leaves the fast-moving, impatient Aries and enters the sign of Practical Results and Material Prosperity. Mercury will join with Venus and Jupiter, already transiting in Taurus. The new energy pattern puts emphasis on acquisition of Wealth, Possessions, and Pleasures. Mercury will be in Taurus until May 27.
Mars transits through the May 9 Solar Eclipse Degree on Thursday and Friday, May 16 -17. The Ancients considered an eclipse to be a bad omen, indicating a future negative event. Astrologers have observed that the event occurs when a planet subsequently transits through the eclipse point. This week Mars will transit 25 deg. Aries, the May 9 eclipse point. There is potential for a Mars-type event, i.e., something Violent, which could be provided by Nature or created by Humans.


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