Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mercury, Venus, Jupiter Conjunct and Changing Signs

Three Planets Change Signs This Week, While Simultaneously Conjunct With Each Other. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all on top of each other at the last degrees of Taurus.When Planets are exactly conjunct it is called Graha Yuda: Planetary War. When planets are changing signs it is an inherently unstable situation. The coming week will likely be Variable and Confusing, and therefore Not Favorable for beginning any important new endeavors. However, once the initial transition period is over, the new energy combination of these three planets will be generally good.
Mercury enters Gemini on Monday May 27. The planet of Rational Thinking, Intellect, Communications, Business Transactions, etc., enters its own sign, which is good for all Mercury Significations.  Mercury usually zips through a sign in three weeks, but this time it will remain in Gemini for over two months, because Mercury will go all the way through Gemini, and then turn retrograde on June 26, then back up through Gemini for three weeks, go back to direct motion on July 20, and pass through Gemini a third time before finally exiting on August 4. Therefore the significations of Gemini get a lot of emphasis for the next two months.
Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday May 29. The planet of Romance and Agreement does fairly well in the sign of Cleverness and Diplomacy, especially while accompanied by its friend Mercury. Diplomacy, Negotiations, Communications, and Trade all benefit. Venus will be in Gemini for 3-1/2 weeks, until June 22.
Jupiter enters Gemini on Friday May 31. The planet of Increase, Faith, Wisdom, Prosperity, etc. will express  its positive energies through the Gemini qualities of Curiosity, Processing Information, Learning, etc.
Jupiter's energy of Expansion adds fuel to Gemini's need for Intellectual Novelty, initiating a year of Inventions, Literary Works, Entertainment, etc. Jupiter together with Mercury in Gemini for the next 2 months is the planet of Expansion + planet of Thinking = Big Ideas. Jupiter will remain in Gemini for over a year, until the middle of June 2014.
In your own Astrology Chart: find the House containing the sign Gemini. The significations of this house and any natal planets within or opposite in the sign Sagittarius, will get added emphasis, mostly beneficial, during the coming weeks, and even for the next twelve months while the great benefic Jupiter is transiting here.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mars Enters Taurus, Scorpio Full Moon

Mars enters Taurus on Wednesday, May 22. The planet of Energy, Action, Aggression, and Violence leaves its own sign Aries and enters the sign of the Bull. By moving into Taurus Mars joins up with Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. Too many planets in one part of the zodiac creates an Imbalance. Mars raises the intensity level. Mars + Sun = Power; Mars + Venus = Passion; Mars + Mercury = Argument; Mars + Jupiter = Excess. The combination in Taurus continues for until the more advanced planets begin moving out of Taurus, beginning with Mercury on May 27.
The Full Moon will be on Friday, May 24, @ 10 deg Scorpio. This marks the culmination of the energies of the lunar month Vaishaka. But this year the Full Moon is in the lunar sign Anuradha. Either way, the energy is for Accomplishment. This Full Moon will be Opposite the train wreck of planets in Taurus, making the end of the week a time of Extremes. Not a good week for beginning anything important.
The Importance of Venus is increased due to so many planets being in Venus-ruled signs. Besides the 5 planets in Taurus (including Venus itself) there is also Saturn and Rahu in Libra, the other sign ruled by Venus. Thus Venus becomes the Final Dispositor of most of what is going on in the Heavens for the next week. Venus significations will be heavily impacted.
(For more discussion of the implications of the combination in Taurus, listen to this week's podcast, posted Monday, May 20)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mars Conjunct Ketu, Mercury enters Taurus, Mars Conjunct Eclipse Degree

Mars will be exactly conjunct Ketu on Sunday, May 12, @ 22 deg. Aries. This is a problematic conjunction,  bringing together the planet of Action and Violence with the significator of Past Actions. I.e., the past karma comes up in your face and can explode with a Vengeance. Both Mars and Ketu have a fiery nature, and the conjunction is happening in the Fire Sign, Aries. This energy pattern has been building for the past several days. An example event would be the recent hearings in Congress re the Benghazi attack, and the revelations brought forth in the hearing. The elections in Pakistan provide another example of the Violence of Mars meeting the Unresolved Past of Ketu.
Mercury enters Taurus on Sunday, May 12. The planet of Rational Thinking leaves the fast-moving, impatient Aries and enters the sign of Practical Results and Material Prosperity. Mercury will join with Venus and Jupiter, already transiting in Taurus. The new energy pattern puts emphasis on acquisition of Wealth, Possessions, and Pleasures. Mercury will be in Taurus until May 27.
Mars transits through the May 9 Solar Eclipse Degree on Thursday and Friday, May 16 -17. The Ancients considered an eclipse to be a bad omen, indicating a future negative event. Astrologers have observed that the event occurs when a planet subsequently transits through the eclipse point. This week Mars will transit 25 deg. Aries, the May 9 eclipse point. There is potential for a Mars-type event, i.e., something Violent, which could be provided by Nature or created by Humans.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Venus enters Taurus, Mercury conjunct Mars, New Moon/ Solar Eclipse

Venus enters Taurus on Saturday, May 4. The planet of Agreements, Compromise, and Pleasures enters its own sign, which is good for all Venus significations. Venus joins up with Jupiter, already transiting in Taurus since May 2012. Planet of Pleasure + Planet of Increase = Indulgence and Dissipation. Careful of Excess for the next three weeks. Venus will be in Taurus until May 29.
Mercury is conjunct Mars on Tuesday, May 7, @ 18 deg. Aries. Mercury planet of Rational Thinking and Diplomacy does not do well when combined with Mars planet of Combat and Impatience. Thinking goes too  fast increasing likelihood of Making Mistakes. Mercury is Speech and Communication + Mars is Aggression = Harsh Speech, Argument, Speaking Impulsively, etc. Thus: Not a good week for making rational decisions.
New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Thursday, May 9, @ 25 deg Aries. This marks the beginning of the Hindu lunar month Vaisakha. The energy of the month is good for Working Towards a Goal. This New Moon is closely conjunct Mercury (2 deg. away) and Mars (5 deg. away). As such, the lunar month emphasizes the Mercury + Mars energy and encourages Aggression and Combat. The Solar Eclipse will compromise the energy of the month, making it less favorable for starting new endeavors.