Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mercury enters Pisces, Venus and Mars enter Aries, New Moon in Pisces

A Lot of Changes in the Heavens this Week. Combined with a New Moon, the new pattern in the zodiac creates a new set of circumstances, transformations, new opportunities, and new problems.
Mercury enters Pisces on Tuesday, April 9. The planet of Rational Thinking is considered debilitated in the Emotional Water Sign known for Dreams and Intuition. Mercury in Pisces for the next three weeks is not so favorable for Mercury's significations. Mercury will join up with Uranus,  now in the middle of Pisces, a combination that is good for Inspiration, Leaps of Intuition, Creative Imagination, etc.
Venus enters Aries on Wednesday, April 10. The planet of Harmony, Agreement, Romance, Aesthetics, etc. enters the Dynamic Pioneer Sign of the zodiac. Venus gets more Passion, more Adventurous, but also becomes More Selfish and Less Reliable in this Fire sign known for Ego and Independence. For a few days Venus breaks free from its conjunction with Mars, which shortly follows Venus into Aries. While changing signs on Wednesday, Venus passes through a Gandant area of the zodiac (borderline between a water sign and a fire sign). Venus significations are especially vulnerable on Wednesday.
New Moon on Wednesday, April 10, @ 26 deg. Pisces. This is the "Chaitra New Moon" which is traditionally used in Vedic Astrology as a sort of Astrological New Year for predicting what sorts of events can be expected for the coming 12 months. (For more on this, listen to this week's podcast posted on Monday Apr. 8). The New Moon will be simultaneous with Mercury just entering Pisces while Venus is just leaving Pisces. Mars will be within 2 degrees conjunct the New Moon. This makes for a rather Unstable Energy Pattern for the coming lunar month: two planets are weakened by changing signs, and Mars is getting too much influence. The next four weeks will likely be difficult, with implications for the next 12 months.
Mars enters Aries on Friday, April 12. The Fiery planet of Action and Fast Results will be in its own sign for the next 6 weeks, until May 22. Significations of Mars are strengthened. Mars will again be conjunct Venus, and Sun (enters Aries on Saturday April 13).  Sun is another Fiery planet, and considered Exalted in Aries. Sun + Mars is especially Forceful. Venus is Overwhelmed. Significations of Venus will suffer: Not much chance for Compromise, Financial Sector Down, Excitement Up. Note that Mercury being in Pisces doesn't help the situation: people are simultaneously Impassioned and Irrational.


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