Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mars Combust Sun, Mercury Conjunct Uranus

Mars and the Sun are conjunct in Aries this week. Mars will be exactly conjunct the Sun at 4 deg. Aries on Thursday, April 18. Mars and the Sun are both Fiery Planets, in the Fire sign Aries. Both are strong: Mars by being in its own sign, and the Sun exalted in this sign. Mars is the planet of Action, Aggression, War, and Destruction. Sun is the planet of Authority, Power, Governments. The combination leads to Powerful Forceful Actions, with potential for Fast-moving Events this week and next.
Meanwhile, Venus is still nearby and suffering from the impact of the two powerful fire planets.  Thus, not much chance of Harmony or Compromise.
Mercury is conjunct Uranus this week; exact on Saturday, April 20. Mercury is debilitated (weakened) while transiting through Pisces. The planet of Rational Thought in the sign of Hope = Wishful Thinking. As the week progresses, Mercury gets closer to Uranus, the planet of Rebellion and Sudden Events. The result is Not Conducive to making Rational Decisions, and along with the intense Mars-Sun combination, creates potential for Making Mistakes, Miscalculations, Jumping to Conclusions. Mercury is News + Uranus is the Unexpected = Surprising Reports, Change in Direction, etc.


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